@dbini said:

there were 2 active installs. i'm not sure where one of them is [...] I think it was on a Mac Mini i have in a drawer somewhere....

When you activate an Isadora 3 Perpetual, Subscription, or Rental License, the dialog gives you an optional field for a name at the bottom. If you put a name in there, it'll show up in the Online License Portal too (which makes it handy for choosing which computer to remotely deactivate your license on).

@dbini said:

i've deactivated it remotely. Awesome! I was not aware this was possible.

It's super handy. It also means if a computer breaks, needs to have the data wiped, gets stolen/destroyed, etc, you can go on the Online License Portal and deactivate your license on that computer remotely and then immediately activate your Isadora 3 Perpetual, Subscription, or Rental License on a different computer hassle-free :)

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