Hi, I own 2 Panasonicc Cameras (GH4 and HC-V777) which both have a WiFi connection for watching the actual Videooutput and manipulating the main camera features (Start/Stop, Zoom, focus, iris, even pan&tilt is possible, you'll need a motorized gadget) on a mobile device. The App is called "Panasonic Image App" and is for free.The connection is stable and quick, working fine for me videographing events with up to 3 camera positions with only on cameraman - in other words: on my own (not really fun, it's a budget thing). Then I thought this might be a great way to use this cameras as a live video source or at least a source i can syphon into Isadora. Unfortunately the App works only on mobile devices (for me its iPhone and iPad). There is no piece of  software for my MacBook available. And here my wisdom ends - I'm able to use software, not able to program an App or scan my WiFi to isolate the video stream and somehow get it into my Mac. Not even a script, I'm a complete idiot when it comes to programming. Maybe one of you can? Or has an idea/workaround?Thanks, Martin