I searched a couple of days for answers/sample code that would get the Isadora OSC Multi Transmit module to work with a Nodemcu wireless microcontroller as the receiver. I had no luck finding any answers online, with many user group comments suggesting that the OSC Bundle method would not work with the Nodemcu at all. Perhaps those comments were old and things have been updated since. I did manage to program the Nodemcu to function with the OSC Multi Transmit in Isadora and to run multiple servo motors and RGB leds from a single OSC actor. I first made everything work with individual OSC Messages, however with six servos and nine channels of RGB Led going to my prototype it was just not performing well and I somehow knew that I could get something better with OSC Multi Transmit... and I did! 

As it appears there is so little by way of examples and information, I thought it might be useful to make some example resources available here. I used the Arduino IDE to format the Nodemcu code and upload it to the device. There are a number of tutorials for setting up a Nodemcu development board with Arduino IDE - like this one. So if you get that far and then are looking for an example patch with Arduino code, this might help. It has solution for servo and PWM channels and it is a prototype code available to anyone who wants to modify it.


Best wishes