It would be great if the ip address inputs on actors and OSC address inputs had some kind of validation so that entries with spaces or new lines will not close the data entry and accept an improperly formatted data structure. I see this every time new comers use actors with these inputs, they enter the address and then press the return key, this makes a new line and an invalid address. This action is logical as every other form we have entered data into on a computer accepts the return or enter key as end of input. Inside Isadora pressing enter when you are entering values with a keyboard will close the active data entry for a parameter on every other type other than text I think it should have consistent behaviour and close the data entry for any type.

It could be good also to have an indicator on a string parameter input that contains a new line.

A logical pattern could be taken from excel, where command+enter will add a new line when editing a string inside a data entry box. This would be a good model for Isadora as adding new lines in parameters is very likely edge case behaviour.

I also think that these inputs could have some simple regex validation and not close with invalid structures, particularly as things like spaces can be very hard to see and new lines at the end are pretty much invisible.

I was recently teaching a workshop with students and 90% of them could not send OSC because they had pressed enter after entering the address, it took a while to troubleshoot as the entry looks  perfect, this could save others the same trouble.