Right click menu in arabic???

  • ey hallo!

    it might be not the best moment to reopen this case, but I have to communicate that with v2.0 recently installed, I still have no "right click menu"
    do you think it is possible to find a solution? otherwise, I will have to reinstall the whole OS

  • Tech Staff

    I have a XP test station, I can give B4 an install and see what I get.
    Can you tell me what language + keyboard settings you have. Hopefully I can set them to match.

  • info attached.

    remember that mark believes that has nothing to do with language settings.
    mark said: "Well, I can tell you that reinstalling is not going to solve this bug. This is something wrong with the way I programmed Isadora, not a setting in a preference file, etc."


  • Tech Staff

    Ah, I see. I had missed that you have a non english setup.
    I will switch things around and try anyway... can't hurt, right.

  • @DusX - yes, please try to recreate because I could not do it. If you can get a recreate, maybe I can find a solution.