Feature Request: Initialize Indicator

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    @maximortal said:

    .it became a grid of numbers.

     Thanks for your feedback. You are right, on an actor like the 3D Particles or 3D Ropes there would be a lot of properties visible. It would be important to have the ability to show/hide all of those properties easily. Personally I would find it helpful to quickly see all of the property defaults  and calibrations. I often want to see what the default scale properties of one actor to compare to another. A scale might be -200, 200, but that is not going to be immediately obvious. Being able to toggle a view of all properties for two actors simultaneously would mean not having to use so many intermediary modules between key actors. For example, it would allow scaling interpretation of a patch in the properties rather than using so many Limit-Scale Value and Counter just so the logic of the patch remains visible. In that sense I see it could add efficiency nd simplicity. But, I agree you would not want to have every parameters property visible all of the time. This could be a simple hide/show toggle.

    It is just a thought process and interesting to consider.

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  • I like Bonemap's double dots. i agree that a permanent display of scaling values would be too cluttered - they're only a mousclick away. also: i don't think we need anything extra to display the Control Link ID - its already there when its there.

    Just to throw a spanner amongst the pigeons: what if clicking the eye symbol opens up the opportunity to add MIN and MAX inputs around any existing input? (giving you the option of dynamic scaling without adding a Limit/Scale Value actor)

  •  - I just realised that if you had MIN and MAX as dynamic inputs, they would also need a MIN and MAX and INIT, etc, etc.... thus leading to an infinite rabbit hole of inputs - maybe its not such a good idea after all and we should just stick with Limit/Scale Value.