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  • Hallo guys, I now decided to trust the Izzi community finaly and perchased the early adopters option. The offered new features were too interesting to wait any longer. Now I'm happy done it. Especially Izzi map is great advantage. But I'm missing some documentation for the new features. In this forum sometimes it sounds like there are some, but I can't find any and trial and error is hard, espacialy if you can't say for sure if behavior is buggy because of beta or wrong used. Second is, in the screenshot of Izzi interface at your Forum Announcement of V2 there are some interesting 3D actors listed in the Actor libraries. By name 3D Boids and 3D Particles beside some others. I can't find those in my Actorlist. Are those not included yet and if not, will they in future? How ever, it would be great if you could implement those like effect actors with video out so you could do further manipulation to the output.

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    Hello @DillTheKraut

    Glad to hear you have made the jump to v2.
    Documentation is still being worked on, but a few important articles are already available.
    1- 2-
    I hope you find these helpful, and if there is something missing or something you feel would be a great addition, please let us know. Our goal is to provide detailed yet easy to use documentation, that addresses the common usage of the software.

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    in you can add the arrow keys. they helped me a lot in fine tuning the mapping

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    Thanks @feinsinn

    I think this doc will need a couple updates for the next release version. I will make sure that it is dealt with.

  • Dear @DiffTheKraut,

    Regarding the actors you very cleverly noticed in the photos.

    What you're seeing are some of  my personal actors that I have created for my own artistic practice, mostly in pieces with Troika Ranch. Some of them -- e.g. 3D Boids -- don't actually work, because, well, I never finished them. ;-) But there are a few gems that  I'm willing to give out at this point, because they are several years old. I am hopeful I can make time to add them to 2.0 before the release, but I will definitely release them at some point.

    One of these actors, called 3D Bright To Line, can be seen on the Troika Ranch cover page at that's a good one that I'm sure everyone will like. And there are a few more like that.

    Best Wishes,

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    @Mark sounds great!

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    @DusX we also need to update it to include the 'new' shortcuts in 2.0.0b7 :) "#" for example.

  • b7! really??

  • Yes, tech team has it, you don't. Fixing fixing fixing...Soon tho.  ;-)

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    We are always working on something. Well Mark is. :)

  • No doubt that i will upgrade! But being just in the final rehearsals of an upcoming show, i question if i can run Izzy 1 and Izzy 2 Beta separately? Or does the installer simply update my previous Version?


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    Izzy 2 Beta will update your previous versions. If you want to have both versions side by side please follow these steps:


  • @michel

    thanx for your information! But i think i´ll wait until we passed our premiere and the following shows :) Just in case. The show is to complex to run into a problem as Isadora runs and triggers sound, video and lights for our upcoming performances! 

  • Using Isa 2.0 mapping unprepared (for mapping) scenery: the anticipation to get "pixel perfect" mapping had not held, using IzzyMap, even with a max out granularity number. I think it would help if instead of ability to create a uniform (constant step) mesh, one were given ability to create a non-uniform mesh: dense mesh in some hard to map regions, and sparse mesh in other lesser important regions –– even within a limited granularity.


  • Sorry, don't want to start a new thread, but I have asked twice to become an early adopter and I haven't received any answer, so I'm wondering if there's still too many requests and it's taking a little long or if somehow my form wasn't received. Thanks in advance.

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    haradan, please send the request again, i don't find any ticket related to your mail address or license, so it probably got eaten by the mailmonsters.

  • @eight
    can you submit that as a feature request for tech review?

  • FYI for all early adopters there is an important online knowledge base article about movie playback in version 2.0.

    Please take the time to have a look. It goes a long way to helping users understand how to optimise their playback in the new Movie Player with different clip codecs. Movies will run with either AVFoundation or Quicktime depending on the codec of the clip that you load and the whether you select use of either the 'performance' or the 'interaction' mode on the Movie Player.


  • @xenia

    Thought so. Re-sending right now, thanks.

    Edit: I just sent it one more time, yet, every single time I had a confirmation screen and you tell me there was no ticket. Could you let me know if everything went OK? My registered name is Ignacio Carreres. Thanks in advance.

  • @primaldivine Submitted.