• Has anyone run into issues with the cornerpin actors created by Matthew Haber not saving where the corners have been placed? I have tried both the Cornerpin Projector MK2 v1.5 and QC Cornerpin v1.2. In both cases I adjust the corner pins to keystone my image. Everything is fine while I have the file open and changing scenes also works fine. However, when I close Isadora and than reopen the project all of the cornerpin actors have been reset to their default position.

    I'm using Isadora 1.3.0f24 core.
    My computer is a Mac Book Pro w/ intel i7 running OS 10.7.4
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    I just dug up Mark's response to this from the last time someone brought up this issue. It is due to a weird quirk with how Isadora handles actors in the Global User Actor folder that only crops up with my stuff because the user is entering data by moving points and not by entering it using User Inputs. Anyway, the workaround is to remove the actor from the Global User Actor folder and to user Place User Actor instead to insert it in your project.

  • Hi Matthew, emailed you already about this issue. Thanks again for your work so far. I'm very excited about the cornerpin possibilities to replace VPT and use Isadora instead for the whole workflow!

    Deleting the actor from the Global User Actor folder and inserting the actor instead does indeed leave the last set values intact when loading the scene again. However the movie is reset to a fullscreen image (so not even the 10/90 settings that you have provided as default). Also you can still see the red markers in the Stage in its custom set places! So the numbers are now remembered AND put to the stage but not for the movie. It seems to need some sort of  trigger at the start to put those numbers into the distotion of the movie on the stage...

    Any ideas?

  • Oh and I'm running 1.3.0f24 on Win7-64bit PC... glad that it doesn't seem to be a Windows only problem.

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    Unfortunately, I have no ideas. I have not really run into these issues myself and if the ratio of downloads to support requests tells me anything it's that most users haven't either so I think we are going to have to wait for word from Mark on this stuff.

  • I'm having the same issue as jorisw. Inserting the actor worked to save the data for the corner pins. But for some reason, it's not translating to the picture, or video. However, as soon as I click one of the 'edit' corners the corresponding corner of the video stream jumps to where it was saved.

    I'm also running 64 bit OS. Maybe it's a 32 / 64 bit issue?
    Matthew, I also want to echo the above comment and say thanks for your work. You've created some very cool and helpful actors for Isadora.
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    I have done my testing on a 64 bit OS so 32 vs 64 is not the issue.

  • I think I've found the solution. I also removed the Absolute Quad Distort Actor from the Global User Directory. (since this is the actor that Cornerpin Projector is built on) After that, I inserted the Cornerpin Projector into a scene and all of the settings have been saving after multiple restarts of Isadora. Seems to have done the trick. I'll write again if the issue comes back.

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    That makes complete sense wesley. All of my other click-and-drag actors are based on a lot of the same underlying user actors so in general it might be good practice to use Place User Actor with my mapping stuff until further notice.

  • Hi Matthew and Wesley,
    thanks that definitely does the trick!
    Do we need to formally report this as a bug? I do see more need for this kind of WYSWYG interactions when working with projection in space.

    Also a small question on the following:
    if I place a non- 4:3 movie (in this case 16:9) in the Cornerpin Projector MK2 v1.5 the grid is still 4:3 and the deforming of the movie becomes relative to the grid and not fitting the grid itself (i'm using a simple Movie player actor). Is there a way to set the aspect of the source material within the actor?

    Also I noticed that the Red circles fit the corners of the grid nicely when the stage window is in window mode but are not fitting the corners when in Fulscreen mode. This happened because my window mode is a 4:3 format and fullscreen is 16:9. When i make the window preview the same 16:9 in my settings you see the same problem as in fulscreen mode. This should inply that that people obviously should make sure their settings for window / fullscreen + beamer settings are the same before starting to do some mapping.

  • Oh wait, actually when using the Cornerpin Projector MK2 v1.5 in a 16:9 environment it seems that the red circles don't fit the grid either in window or fullscreen mode. Being not very knowledgeable in Isadora I probably have overlooked something simple...

  • Sorry for this monologue but i have seem to resolved the above issue. Inside the Cornerpin Projector MK2 v1.5 and inside the used  Absolute Quad Distort Projector v1.0 I just added a user input to the 'keep aspect' input of the used 3D Quad Distort actor. This I did again at the now visible 'keep aspect' input inside the Cornerpin Peojector MK2 v1.5. Which means the Cornerpin Projector MK2 v1.5 has a toggle for leaving 'keep aspect' on or of for the movie.

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    Hi jorisw,

    I usually work with 4:3 projectors so I apparently neglected to include that. Can you send me the version of the actor where you have made that change so I can put that out as the official one on my site.

  • Hi Matthew, of course.
    Hope they work at other systems too...
    9b0784-cornerpin-projector-mk2-v1.6.iua d03b1a-absolute-quad-distort-projector-v1.1.iua

  • Matthew, have you run into issues with frame rate and Isadora crashing when using the Cornerpin Projector? I'm running about 12 scenes. Each scene has 4 Corner Pin Projectors. I'm only playing still images with them and there isn't any video content in the scenes. The images are all sized to around 800x600, resolution of 72 JPG, or PNG files.

    As I move through the scenes Isadora takes progressively more time to load each scene. By the time I get to the 4th, or 5th scene the software crashes.
    I'm surprised to see this performance issue with such small image files. Playing back the files with the regular Projector actor has no problems. Can you think of anything in the Cornerpin actor that may be causing this?
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    I have not seen those issues. The actor is just a ui wrapped around the 3D Quad Distort actor that draws some circles and let you drag them around so it shouldn't have anything in it that would be causing this. Mark may be able to shed some light on the situation.

  • Hi Mathew,
    noticed that the Cornerpin Projector MK2 v1.6 downloadable from your site doesn't show the show aspect input option... Did you already upload the new one?

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    I have been in tech so I hadn't gotten a chance to upload the updated version. Its on my short list of things to do.

  • Following up on my last post.  I found that setting the Stage Preview Buffering to None helped to resolve the issue with crashing and long load times between scenes. I haven't had another crash.

  • cool, good info, Thnx!