• Sorry for this monologue but i have seem to resolved the above issue. Inside the Cornerpin Projector MK2 v1.5 and inside the used  Absolute Quad Distort Projector v1.0 I just added a user input to the 'keep aspect' input of the used 3D Quad Distort actor. This I did again at the now visible 'keep aspect' input inside the Cornerpin Peojector MK2 v1.5. Which means the Cornerpin Projector MK2 v1.5 has a toggle for leaving 'keep aspect' on or of for the movie.

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    Hi jorisw,

    I usually work with 4:3 projectors so I apparently neglected to include that. Can you send me the version of the actor where you have made that change so I can put that out as the official one on my site.

  • Hi Matthew, of course.
    Hope they work at other systems too...
    9b0784-cornerpin-projector-mk2-v1.6.iua d03b1a-absolute-quad-distort-projector-v1.1.iua

  • Matthew, have you run into issues with frame rate and Isadora crashing when using the Cornerpin Projector? I'm running about 12 scenes. Each scene has 4 Corner Pin Projectors. I'm only playing still images with them and there isn't any video content in the scenes. The images are all sized to around 800x600, resolution of 72 JPG, or PNG files.

    As I move through the scenes Isadora takes progressively more time to load each scene. By the time I get to the 4th, or 5th scene the software crashes.
    I'm surprised to see this performance issue with such small image files. Playing back the files with the regular Projector actor has no problems. Can you think of anything in the Cornerpin actor that may be causing this?

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    I have not seen those issues. The actor is just a ui wrapped around the 3D Quad Distort actor that draws some circles and let you drag them around so it shouldn't have anything in it that would be causing this. Mark may be able to shed some light on the situation.

  • Hi Mathew,
    noticed that the Cornerpin Projector MK2 v1.6 downloadable from your site doesn't show the show aspect input option... Did you already upload the new one?

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    I have been in tech so I hadn't gotten a chance to upload the updated version. Its on my short list of things to do.

  • Following up on my last post.  I found that setting the Stage Preview Buffering to None helped to resolve the issue with crashing and long load times between scenes. I haven't had another crash.

  • cool, good info, Thnx!

  • Please note that I have put a lot of work into the Stage Preview feature for 1.3.0f25. It will be faster and more robust. So please do give it a try again once you I put 1.3.0f25 up for download.

    -- Mark