QC Actors

  • Hi Michel,

    Thank you for your answer. It's not me who bought the licence I'm using. I believed that if you can use the Isadoracore with a licence, it's that you have the core video licence, because a basic licence would not run with Isadoracore...

    I'll buy the right licence if we don't have it already.

    Thanks again. Fred.S.

  • In case anyone is following this thread, I did finally get the Quartz patch working in Izzy by recreating it in QC from scratch.  Must have been something weird in there that was causing problems.

    After getting it working, I modified it to publish 2 inputs for video and photo inputs.  When I replaced the patch in Izzy it wouldn't function at all.  Removng the inputs allows the patch to work.  Has anyone had success with a QC patch using inputs from an Izzy actor?  Thanks.

  • Dear Eric,

    Please send me the QC patch in question to my personal email. I'll have a look -- though I'm a bit behind with various patches from others I need to examine. So it may take a few days.
    Best Wishes,

  • @ Mark,

    did you do a patch "v002 Rutt Etra isadora"? I have the Rutt plug-in but was not able to put the QC in Isadora,...

  • @bruper I've got this running i can't attach qtz file here but i can email it over to you.

    attached is a picture so you can copy the settings of one of the many different things you can do with Rutt Etras effect, this spinning point cloud style thing i never get tired of :)  if others would like this effect, ill put it up on my site or make a little clip explaining. Its pretty straight forward to adapt the original rutt etra qtz patch if u know QC.


  • Tech Staff

    Kinect and Rutt always delivers a nice effect ;-)

  • Thanks for Lanz last night.
    So it seems that I may have a potential for troubles here (beside the fact that some are not visible in Isadora)... could please someone be so kind to advise me what I'm doing wrong here?
    I have 1 QC folder in the user/library/graphics, 1 in ~/library/graphics and then the ~/library/application support/freeframe
    are all in the right place or???

    c85090-screen-shot-2012-12-13-at-14.01.08.png 921fa5-screen-shot-2012-12-13-at-13.59.15.png

  • oh and I forgot to add this fourth as well:

  • Tech Staff

    .qtz files need to go into the Compositions folder. (see image)

    Plug-ins need to go into:
    /Library/Graphics/Quartz Composer Plug-Ins/


  • Tech Staff

    So .qtz and .plugin need to be in two different locations.

    I often restart my machine when chaining things like this to refresh the system and library.
    Hope this helps.

  • thanks Skulpture, It's incredible that I saw that screen preference so many times, I even deselected the system option for speed without having anything in none of the /compositions folders... But I should leave the FreeFrame folder content as it his right?

  • Tech Staff

    Yeah leave freeframe plugins folder as it is.

  • @Lanz :  i love the Rutt etra patches.  any info yo have on integrating them into Izzy would be much appreciated.  thanks.

  • @eric Rutt Etra QC plugin(**QC 01 - v002 Rutt Etra VDMX **) works with isadora.

  • @eric you can find the link here  scroll to download, unzip, go to the example patches, and you'll find the rutt etra vdmx qtz files vanakaru mentioned in there that will get you started. of course you can then customise the inputs you want etc in QC before you get going with it in izzy. if theres any specific details you want to know about get in touch.

    attached is a pic to get you started once its in izzy.  
    best, Lanz


  • Hello All

    I'm currently playing around with some qc actors in izzies, so far every thing works fine except for they're reloading.
    The qc actors tend to totally reset all its parameters every time I load them. Like when I configure the parameters of any qc actor and move to another scene in izzy, once I get back to that previous scene the qc actor is reset to its initial default.
    Does any body know a workaround for this issue ?? Like, to save the configuration and prevent the reset !!
    @Mark Thanks for your great detailed explanation above here.
    Best regards to all 

  • @DiaHamed
    Maybe you have something going outside Isadora that does this. I do not experience this at all.

  • Tech Staff

    I don't experience this either.
    But for a workaround you can make your settings and then take a snapshot (the camera symbol on the left top) and with the "recall snapshot" actor and the "enter scene trigger"  you can automate recalling the snapshot when entering the scene.