• If using Envelope is not absolutely necessary(simple one step rising counter) you can use Movie Player. Trigger speed 0/1 to start and resume and position output for value needed. You just have to make a movie(or mp3) as long you need.

    For more complex envelopes you can trigger with external timeline like Duration, QLab and others over OSC.
    I find Duration much easier to use than envelopes in Isadora.
  • Izzy Guru

    yep duration would be a good solution.

  • I still have to check out duration. saw the video yesterday and yes, it looks quite exciting.

    Anyway, for certain purposes just a pause input in the envelope generator would do the job, while rising counters, movie players or even duration seem to be a lot of paraphernalia to simple pause the envelope.
    I will try out duration today. thanks for discussing!!

  • You can just gate the output and keep the last value, put that as an input when you start it again right?

  • Fred, I had the same idea, but trying to build it got rather complicated. And when resuming the timing starts from the beginning. Like you run from 0-100 in 10sec, but resuming from 66-100 again 10sec instead of 3sec. So you need another counter/envelope to take care on that? While all you need is in Duration right there. 6511dc-stop-envelope.izz

  • Would not the relatively new Ease In-Out 2D Actor do the trick? It has the ability to Pause and Resume the action and can be done with a linear curve to match an envelope generator. Just set the curvature to 1.


  • Izzy Guru


    You are right, missed that one.


  • @vanakaru

    you patch works beautifully, and yes, it is very complicated. I will study it in order to understand it, but I am pretty sure it gets even more complicated as soon as I want to use an envelope with 2 or more segments.
    the pause input in Ease in-out 2D is exactly what I wish I have in envelope!! it is again not easy to work with this actor if have more than one segment.

  • @camilozk
    you can tether multiple Ease in-out 2D actors (using the 'complete' trigger to start the next one) as if each one were a segment.

  • @primaldivine

    true. it is possible to draw a very complex envelope with multiple Ease in-out 2D actors, but then it gets again really complicated to pause the whole chain of Ease in-out 2D actors

  • Hello,

    I just discover the post and I also search a way to have an envelope working like the command on a lightning desk:
    – possibility to start/pause resume
    – possibility to accelerate/decelerate/go backward
    Each time I give a class about Isadora, that is one of the first question when we make the first video player with automated fade, how to stop it? to go backward?
    I tried to do that with user actor using envelope, with duration, it can works, but not easy to use for begginers.
    It could be a great value to have that, easy to use in the tools, hello Mark and brave developers!

  • @vanakaru

    this one will deal with the timing and resets itself after one pass


  • Pretty clever

  • I make another proposition, with start/stop/resume/accel/decel/invert, it's a prototype, but show what I would find in a super envelope actor…

    It's necessary to use the movie included (100 second 1 pixel movie).


  • @m_theater hurra - this is genious - thanks for this idea - isadora life is going on

  • Tech Staff


    There's also Ease In-Out 2D which is like an envelope Generator.


    • Built-in curvature
    • Pause, Resume, and Trigger inputs
    • Can change two values at once (it says X and Y but you can use them for whatever)


    • Unlike an Envelope Generator, it can only have one "segment"

  • @woland - thanks a lot - this possibility is great too - however in my case i create a scene, where a satellite is circling round the moon  - so I need four segments to let the object fly in a circle - I looped the envelopes by retriggering themselves - but then how can I stop the loop :-) - captured in the endless universe !

  • Izzy Guru


    you can put a gate actor in-between and trigger it to off. 

    Best Michel

  • @michel - sorry for my delayed answer - the gate actor is perfect for stopping the whole process - but the envelope actor doesn't stop - so i found a solution with the pulse generator - i cannot stop and go whereever i want, but at least I can do that "behind the curtain" ;-) -

    if anybody is interested how to control a satellite in universe