Where can i get older isadora versions

  • hi keftaparty, thank you, but i need a previous version, some like 1.2.9. instead of 1.3 but thank you

  • Hi, I've uploaded in the same folder

    There was no 1.2 for pc. It jumped from 0.9 to 1.3
    Hope this helps

  • wow mehdi, thanks a lot. :) i gonna tryit...

  • Hi,

    I've tried and work perfectly, is the version what i was looking. Thank you Mehdi.

  • Would you explain what you find better in the old version? I personnaly find the new ones better in terms of performances. Thanx Mehdi

  • welll, i have old izz files that i created for and old performance too, these files control some sequences of videos and sequences of gifs that are above of stills images, so the thing is when i change between the videos or gifs, the stage output give me visual-glitches like strange flashes of pixel, or show me the gifs as if they were distorted with big pixels over and round them. .. you can notice that my english is very basic so now can't explain more, I have the show this sunday, so after the show i will try to fix the problem, and i will take some snapshots of the glitches that i told you. good day.

  • Ok I also run sone old shows on previous versions... That's why I'm keeping them. Under windows you can run several versions at the same time by recalling the folder in /programfiles. Feedback of glitches on new versions is cool because it helps detecting bugs. Thanx Mehdi

  • Hi, sorry but until today i could not do other thing but go and come, so now that i try to install the 1.3 version, trying to keep the 0.9 version i cannot, I changed the name of folder call: /Isadora to /OldIsadora , and then execute the installation file, look go good but at certain moment give me a message that advise me that i have already installed a version of isadora. What is what i am doing wrong? thanks.

  • Hi,

    After renaming the program folder, uninstall isadora ( in command pannel ).
    Isadora will be considered as uninstalled but you will be still able to launch it from the renamed folder.

  • is it possible to run isadora on a pc running on windows xp 3 GHz and only 500 mb ram?

  • Tech Staff

    From: http://troikatronix.com/download/isadora-download/

    "**Windows: **Windows 7 / Vista / XPIntel Processor, Core Duo recommended2.0 Ghz / 2.0 GB RAM (recommended)1.0 Ghz / 1.0 GB RAM (minimum)Quicktime 7.5 or greater"

    Isadora might work on your specifications @[aslelp](http://troikatronix.com/troikatronixforum/profile/1225/aslelp) but performance might not be amazing. Video playback will likely be problematic. 

  • Hi,

    I'm looking for the 1.3.0f22 version of Isadora installer for Mac. It seems that it's not easy to find it ; is it possible for you to post it here ?
    I created a patch on this version and have to run it on another computer.