• Thanks Nick. I have tinkered with Processing + Syphon Server and Isadora Syphon actors.

  • I have written a patch in Processing that communicates with Isadora over OSC in both directions. It also outputs the Processing video stream over Syphon, so that I can pick it up in Isadora and carry on playing with it there. The Processing patch still needs some work, and to use it, you would need some medium level of understanding of Processing language (a form of java) and how to install libraries etc. When its ready I will share it... but not quite yet... I am using it in an upcoming gallery project and a research project, but will release it after I get through all that.

  • @vanderzee we have solved Processing communication with Isadora over OSC, PHP, Syphon a year ago, remember? I think this was not your question now.

    My result java (Processing) gives me poor performance, I use openGL QC patches instead very powerful.
    greetings rainbow

  • @rainbow: Yes I have followed the Isadora, Processing, Syphon thread on the forum. I understand how to do that.

    Currently, I'm trying to decide between Isadora, Processing and Quartz Composer which is the best solution for a project I'm developing. Perhaps a combination of all three will be my solution. The project requires alphanumeric inputs from the participant, data storage and execution of several emergence theory algorithms and the creation & projection of data visualizations. I've been frustrated with Izzy's Data Array Actor and my inability to get repeatable results. Several forum members have given me ideas for using this actor, but I've not mastered it yet.
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    "several emergence theory algorithms" sounds complicated @vanderzee

    There will be no harm in learning processing that's for sure. 

  • QC and Max work great for all installations.

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    I wouldn't say all instillations, not for QC anyway. QC can be buggy and a bit experimental. Max is better in my opinion.

  • @Skulpture: will trade 1+x beers for a Data Array Actor tutorial. X = ?

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    I have been planning a Data Array tutorial/walk thru...
    Its currently on my short list of tutorials to write.

    I'm holding back because I am experimenting with using Javascript to automate the read/write of lists of data a little.. How do you imagine using the Actor? The more I understand peoples needs the better I can approach it.

  • @DusXI am curious how you automate read/write/erase function for data array actor, I know how to use the data array actor, very tricky task, I used for one installation years ago, I developed a different tool outside of Isadora to read/write data via OSC works great. :)

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    Data array tutorial sounds great

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    @vanderzee I will always help you out when I can. Regardless of beers ;)

    But I actually haven't used the actor that much. I tested it out a bit and did that short tutorial on my blog but the type of stuff you are doing sounds pretty complex (to me anyway).
    I am sure you will find a solution.
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    For Javascript automation,

    I am hoping to be able to define a 2d array in Javascript and automate the setting saving of this data. I want to be able to write full rows (or defined ranges) of data in one go, as well as, read ranges of data easily.

  • @Skulpture: Thanks.

    @DusX: I am interested in seeing the code for this Array. Do you expect it to run in the Izzy Javascript actor? Do you expect it to run in Processing?

  • Hello,

    Perhaps that can help you about data array.
    I use it extensively when I prepare Isadora patch and I want to record some parameters for a person not able to save the path (demo version or protected patch). Also because you can every-time save it without to move something… Sometime, but rarely, I edit the data externally.
    The data array is in "settingSuivi" scene and inside the 3 "mapping/…" user actors.
    They are used with an iPhone trough touchOSC as to be able to set the mapping on stage to be more precise.
    The "settingSuivi" is then activated when necessary and video and intensity sent by broadcasters.
    Hope that help, Jacques


  • @jhoepffer: thanks everyone. I will tinker with the Data Array Actor today!

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    It will be a number of User actors (a small library) using the Javascript actor for most processes.
    I haven't decided yet on the structure of the library, I have only done preliminary experiments, but it appears to be possible.

    Unfortunately, I will not get to it for a few weeks. 

    I will have a PC only tool for Win32 api access via Tcp-Ip actors in Isadora first. (written in Python)

    I am building this tool to allow tight Spout integration. (at least that was the catalyst for starting) It runs as a small local Restful webserver that receives commands via Tcp-Ip. Features:
    -- Launch Programs and/or files (Spout sources) via Isadora actors
    --- control window position (never allow it to open on stages ;)
    --- close windows via Isadora Tcp-Ip actors
    -- Print Files direct from Isadora (via Tcp-IP actors)
    -- More (I am open to ideas, the API is open and easily extended)
    That was off topic ;) Its sort of on my mind.

    Its working perfectly now... I am just cleaning it up, UI etc..

  • @DusX: glad to stimulate your thinking ;)

    My needs are far less intense than what you've described.

  • Am I the only one thinking that both the control panel and the stage need browser/html renderer actors with a transparent background that a JavaScript actor can be linked to and use as DOM? The possibilities then become rather endless in terms of control panel presentation/customisation with JS and CSS, and canvas/css animation to the stage etc. Ok, all doable with tcp/IP actors and desktop-to-syphon, but still, some WebKit action within isadora would be luverly.