Beta-testers for GStreamer plugin (OS X)

  • It says cvlc kommando nicht gefunden. You have to install vlc player that is encoding video into rtsp.

    sudo apt-get install vlc

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    Ok installed the vlc player.

    Now I get a full screen video feed out of the rasperry. I have connected it to my Blackmagic Intensity shuttle and routed the hdmi to my stage.
    But not via Gstreamer. I dont know how to get back to the rasperry command line...

  • To get back to your RPi command line press Ctrl + C (or CMND+C).

    I am not sure what Blackmagic shuttle is here for.

    Can you ping your RPi from the computer that runs Isadora?

  • I´d love to give it a try, sounds promising..


  • I'd love to test it also, especially http stream from youtube

  • @ eight

    Tested the plugin.

    Setup Mac mini latest OS X, iPad mini and iVigilo,

    G-Streamer plugin 320x240 20 FPS

    IP camera QC patch 640x480 60 FPS



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    I use the blackmagic for the display on my second monitor.
    I followed that tutorial:
    the next I´m trying:
    Here I am stuck: when I execute ping gateway on rasperry pi it works and mac terminal also see screenshots. So the next step ping raspberry.local is not working

    b6e487-screenshot-2015-02-02-13.18.10.png 572410-screenshot-2015-02-02-13.18.47.png

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    Ok followed that tutorial

    I was able to ping through terminal, but VNC viewer says the host denies 

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    That one helped

    So I can now use VNC Viewer on my mac

  • @feinsinn -- in that case everything should work, I am assuming you are replacing RPI_HOST_IP with


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    Ok to be clear:

    In Raspberry Pi I put:
    raspivid -o - -t 9999999 |cvlc -vvv stream:///dev/stdin --sout '#rtp{sdp=rtsp://:}' :demux=h264
    And in GStreamer:

  • @fiensinn: Can't check at the moment, but I think GStreamer string should be


  • @eight would love to try this with youtube. Than kyou very much for your time and your effort with this cool plugin.

  • Tech Staff

    Sorry I haven't been able to get into this yet..

  • @eight - thanks for developing this awesome tool!

    Testing now and the bunny video stream worked fine (along with other test streams), so everything seems to be installed right- however I can't get a youtube stream to work. Tried removing 's' in the https, tried using different versions of embed url- nada. What's the secret? (@feinsinn - you also got it right away?).
    This leads me to suggest one feature for the plugin- is it possible to have some text debugging output from the plugin? Info to know if an url is loading, failed to load/why, buffering.. etc.
    example youtube url I've tried to load: 
    *forum is automatically embedding youtube instead of displaying url.. so added break after https://

  • Tech Staff

    youtube stream worked fine

  • are you simply typing in the url like above, nothing else? is there a command required in front of it? just tried loading through VPN, restarting, nada. also running 10.9.5, izzy 2.0.5 and other streams work without a problem...

  • @FFD8: That url is a youtube page url, not the video stream url. You have to get the latter in order to be able to use it in the plugin. There are a few ways to achieve this, one is to use livestreamer


  • @eight - aha! Thanks for the tip.. I thought GStreamer was designed to auto extract the stream (since this magic takes place in VLC when giving the page url). Nevertheless, got it working now! Strange bug I've encounter- Isadora crashes when I grab the stream of the video above at both 360p and 720p - 270p loaded without a problem. Just tried it out with about 4 other random videos, no problem when using best or worst streams.. so maybe it's a fluke in that video's settings.

    For future youtube interested folks, once livestreamer is installed, desired command line is:
    $ livestreamer *full_youtube_url* best --stream-url
    Main feature request I can think of: adding a trigger input/output for starting the stream, and knowing when it's done. A loop toggle might be useful too- at the moment there's no way to restart the stream unless removing stream string and reentering it.

  • @FFD8 Thanks for the input. Could you provide that url that crashes gstreamer?

    Regarding the feature requests, I have planned them out, as well as producing a gpu output, but that is dependent on the new version of Isadora SDK, which Mark said is to be released sooner or later.