Beta-testers for GStreamer plugin (OS X)

  • @eight - thanks for developing this awesome tool!

    Testing now and the bunny video stream worked fine (along with other test streams), so everything seems to be installed right- however I can't get a youtube stream to work. Tried removing 's' in the https, tried using different versions of embed url- nada. What's the secret? (@feinsinn - you also got it right away?).
    This leads me to suggest one feature for the plugin- is it possible to have some text debugging output from the plugin? Info to know if an url is loading, failed to load/why, buffering.. etc.
    example youtube url I've tried to load: 
    *forum is automatically embedding youtube instead of displaying url.. so added break after https://
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    youtube stream worked fine

  • are you simply typing in the url like above, nothing else? is there a command required in front of it? just tried loading through VPN, restarting, nada. also running 10.9.5, izzy 2.0.5 and other streams work without a problem...

  • @FFD8: That url is a youtube page url, not the video stream url. You have to get the latter in order to be able to use it in the plugin. There are a few ways to achieve this, one is to use livestreamer


  • @eight - aha! Thanks for the tip.. I thought GStreamer was designed to auto extract the stream (since this magic takes place in VLC when giving the page url). Nevertheless, got it working now! Strange bug I've encounter- Isadora crashes when I grab the stream of the video above at both 360p and 720p - 270p loaded without a problem. Just tried it out with about 4 other random videos, no problem when using best or worst streams.. so maybe it's a fluke in that video's settings.

    For future youtube interested folks, once livestreamer is installed, desired command line is:
    $ livestreamer *full_youtube_url* best --stream-url
    Main feature request I can think of: adding a trigger input/output for starting the stream, and knowing when it's done. A loop toggle might be useful too- at the moment there's no way to restart the stream unless removing stream string and reentering it.

  • @FFD8 Thanks for the input. Could you provide that url that crashes gstreamer?

    Regarding the feature requests, I have planned them out, as well as producing a gpu output, but that is dependent on the new version of Isadora SDK, which Mark said is to be released sooner or later.

  • Hi All,

    My initial intent was to release a final version once the updated Isadora SDK is available (so that I could use gpu-output). However, I keep getting requests about gstreamer, so I decided to release it as is at this point. Attached is the same beta build all beta–testers were testing, from which the time restriction has been removed. 
    NB: I don't have a computer with Isadora with me at the moment and can't test the small change above. Hence there is a slight chance this build will not work. Please report if this is the case, and accept my apologies in advance.
    The prerequisite of this plugin is gstreamer runtime framework. Please download its installer and run it before attempting to use this plugin: []( 
    Once downloaded and extracted, the GStreamerIsadoraPlugin.izzyplug plugin folder should be placed into /Library/Application Support/TroikaTronix/Isadora Plugins/ folder. 
    Isadora should be restarted.

  • I have tried GStreamBeta with Isadora 2.4.5. Nothing happened. Is there new developments? or another possibility to input streams (IP webcam or others) in Isadora


  • @jfguiton: I tried it in 2.4.5 and see no output. I will have to take a look at why this regression. I think it is Isadora related.


  • Thank you.