• Starting a public topic here so that we all have a place to discuss 1.3.0f25.

    Best Wishes,

  • This may be obvious but I can't find the download link.

  • It's actually not so obvious, but it is there:

    "In the meantime, please have a look at the [release notes](http://troikatronix.com/isadora-1-3-0f25-release-notes/) to see what I've been doing and to download 1.3.0f25."
    I'll put in something more clear.

  • I'm on windows 7 x64, so if anyone has problems finding the link this is what I found.
    The release notes page gets truncated in chrome as it cuts off around the chart. Firefox renders it about the same.
    Explorer does similar but I was able to mouse-select and drag the document down and so alot more text started to scroll up including the links at the bottom.
    There are no scroll bars rendered by any browser.
    Same thing on my android phone.

  • Dear LPMode,

    First, I added something right at the beginning of my announcement that is a link to the release notes and download. Hopefully that will save some people poking around in what essentially is a blog post. I guess I'll be a little less "folksy" next time.
    With regard to the browsers: I just checked it on Mac OS in all three (Safari, Firefox, Chrome) and all good there. I'll be booting into Windows a little bit later and will investigate. Thanks for all the tips.
    Best Wishes,

  • on firefox on mac here its chopping off just after the table as well (see screenshot) - cant see a download link

  • also the top of the page loads like this

  • It is fine on Safari.

    And Firefox/3.6.13 just fine running SnowLeo.
  • Tech Staff

    Pages render fine on Windows 7, firefox 14

    PS: very excited for the windows release.!

  • clicking on the link makes it load inside the header (so a second header appears) and the bottom of the page gets cropped - getting the link to load in a new tab or page fixes it. It happens with some other links in posts as well.

  • strange - clicking on the above link, or the link in Mark's announcement produces a number of differently truncated versions of the release notes.(chrome on OSX 10.6.8, MBP and MacMini) until a right-click > 'Open Link in New Tab' got me to the whole thing. i looking forward to trying it out - thanks Mark...

  • Hmmm hmmmm hmmmm... this whole browser problem is annoying. I wish I could see it on my machine, which is the same as your dbiini.

    Oh, computers! Glad you found a way to see it thought.

  • the link for the download is missing. i'm using lion with firefox 14.0.1

  • I think it is sad that we talk here about various problems with various systems and browsers and various computers downloading instead about the new version. Maybe we should start the new discussion about these problems and concentrate on actual release here.

  • The download was also weird for me but got it. This release is a total miracle! I'm not big into prayer but these is kind of incredible.

    Three days ago I was pulling my hair out trying to get 720p files to scrub effectively in both directions. Previous release scrubbed fine forward but would lock up in unpredictable ways in reverse no matter what compression format etc. Works great so far for what I am trying to do-basically using kinect to select and scrub files in different ways. I know I'm not supposed to use this version for performance but 50% of my shows blow up anyways so...probably need to use it next weekend and see what happens. 

  • Dear All,

    First, thank you for that thought Vanakaru, but if people can't download the software there isn't much to talk about.

    The whole problem originated because the release notes were too long to add to a forum post directly. So I put them on their own page But,if you open the link to the separate page, it opens it in the 'iFrame" within which this forum is embedded. (I was testing withoutnthe forum embedded, which you can do via this link: http://troikatronix.com/troikatronixforum/ -- you need to choose "open in new window" for this link to work!)

    Because the size of the opened page was limited to the iFrame, you couldn't see the bottom of the page. Erghhh.

    Anyway, by editing the HTML and using target="_blank" a new window/tab is opened, and I think that will address the problem.

    I'm going to make separate post about this to alert everyone that this has been handled.


  • downloaded and installed the new program 3 times and it plays videos for about 1 sec. then freezes. am using a mac mini 20111 lion with 120gb ssd 16 gb ram.

    what am i doing wrong????

    found it! was using threaded movie playback, turned it off now it works. duh!

  • Izzy Guru

    I have been on a much deserved holiday but I am now back home and will be giving the new version a blast this week.

  • i just spent a couple of hours playing with the new 3D rendering to video and it's great! and the whole thing feels much faster and smoother. nice one Mark.

  • @Ray -- oh good one. I need to add that to the release notes and actually remove threaded movie playback as an option. It was a failed idea unfortunately. I'll go edit the links right now.