Isadora/Video Design conference in London in 2016?

  • So I am thinking of trying to orgasnise an Isadora conference/get-together/party/geek-out.


    I would like to arrange to host it at The Guildhall School in London.


    I am posting here to try and get a sense of how much interest/involvement people might show/undertake.


    I think it’d be good to align it (time wise) with some sort of performance/project that uses izzy – so there is something for everyone to come and watch. But then also have guest speakers, workshops etc. – so potentially May/June 2016 could be a good slot as that fits in with a project happening at GSMD.


    The questions I have at this stage are:


    Does this sound interesting to you?


    Who should I ask to speak/present?


    How long should it last? I realize one day is possible for UK based people but to make it worthwhile for the international community I’m thinking at least 3 days (maybe with the option to by a full ticket or a day pass?) Suggestions please!


    Would people travel to come to such an event?


    Should it be exclusively Isadora? I could invite all sorts of video/tech people – there’s a pretty massive contingent in London (in both mainstream and experimental performance, but also in or design disciplines and developers and manufacturers too) and this could be a chance for international Izzy users to chat to the London scene. (if we go down this route I guess it’d be best to have slots across the conference each with its own particular focus -  and Izzy could have one/some of these slots. But could be nice to see Resolume/D3/Hippo etc. all there too? Plus the London design peeps/suppliers/venues etc  like UVA, Projection Artworks, 59 Productions, Mesmer, XL Video, The National Theatre, Barbican, The Globe etc.


    If we’re gonna do it next year I need to start planning soon as I already have a pretty full diary for most 2015 and 2016 is starting to fill up too.


    Please let me know what you all think.




  • It sounds very good. I also wouldn't restrict it to Isadora.

    If there is a nice possibility to exchange ways of work, that would be great! 
    Are you teaching in that specific school or why that venue?
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  • Tech Staff

    Its a bit of travel for me... but I am interested :)

  • @zanetti

    yep I work there
  • Izzy Guru

    I'm in as long as I can get enough notice.

  • potentially interested

  • Izzy Guru

    I am interested as well.

  • @Skulpture … is 13 months not enough notice? ;-)

  • Izzy Guru

    No lol.

    I am washing my hair that year.
    *I read it wrong - soz!*

  • Will there be snacks? If so then count me in!

  • Izzy Guru

    lol Gav!

  • If it was 3 days, I would absolutely make the trip from Canada. I've been on the lookout for something of this sort for a while.

    I would like it to be deeply about Isadora, but it would also be good to have some sessions about helpful ancillary items as well.  
    London is my old stomping grounds, and I always enjoy an excuse to return. 

  • @lpearse good to know! ta

  • After returning from Glow Festival in Italy I am now considering trying to couple the conference with a video mapping festival.

    Maybe try and get about 6-8 piece across London over the duration of the conference....
    Could do a contest style entry format with prizies?

  • Hello,

    I'm interested but I am not sure it's necessary to open it too much. For me it's more an ecosystem (mad mapper, Osculator, 3D creation, visualisation), I am not very interested in other visualizing software .
    I always like to cross the Chanel…
    It would be so good if Mark and some of his Dream Team could be there too!
    See you in 13 months.
    Jacques Hoepffner
  • Izzy Guru

    lol @ Dream Team :)

  • I would to be able to go from Brazil and get all this experience…

  • Tech Staff


    you are dreamy ;)

  • Yep, have wanted to do this for a while. Great. Count me in.
    Would we have access there to a theatre space perhaps?
    I had the thought to do an Isadora festival... kind of like rapid film-making contest.
    Or maybe in the evening, an Isadora Jam, open to the public?