• I recently (5 minutes ago) upadted my PS3EYE to Syphon system. It supports multiple cameras (apparently 16 with a lot of USB pcie cards but I cannot try) and gives complete control over all settings live as well as reporting settings back over OSC. I get 200 fps with low resolution, this will depend on your gfx card and computer specs.

    You can get the source code and precompiled binaries for OSX here
    Hope it helps someone.
  • Izzy Guru

    Amazing thanks @Fred!

  • Hi Fred,
    I didn't manage to get it work.
    I don't know how to install openframeworks 0.9.0, ofxPS3EyeGrabber, ofxSyphon once downloaded.

    Sorry for my lack of knowledge about OpenFrameworks


  • Izzy Guru

  • There is a releases section on the github page, best to grab it form there as it may get updated

  • Izzy Guru

    Is this normal? 945f64-screen-shot-2015-07-29-at-13.38.33.png

  • Sorry Guys,

    I had the ps3EyeSyphon.app working but I couldn't get the image into Isadora via Syphon, so I though I had to install ofxPS3EyeGrabber, ofxSyphon...
    Now it works well. I don't know what I missed first time..
    It seems there is a little bit less latency this way, than with macam drivers..

    Thanks a lot.
    All the best

  • @Skulpture, no. How many cameras do you have plugged in? Does the syphon work? Do you have a real or just integrated gpu?

  • @fifou does it work? Your signature says 10.9 on both of your systems, the build is for 10.10.

  • Izzy Guru

    Hey @fred. I just had the one plugged in. Its actually crashing my izzy funny enough - but I am running a beta.

  • Woops,
    I didn't saw it was made for 10.10 only !
    Yes it works under 10.9.5, but I think it acts weird : Ps3EyeSyphon outputs a 640*480 image in a blank fullHD syphon stream. (see attached). Is there a way to change the resolution of the syphon stream ? Is it a 10.9 limitation/bug ?


  • Izzy Guru

    Well I am getting really weird behaviour. I open izzy. Do nothing (blank patch) then plug in the PS3 cam. Do nothing and Izzy crashes!

  • Under 10.9.5, when PS3EyeSyphon is running (with a PS3Eye plugged), Isadora hangs at launch for about 10 seconds  under "Video Input : Initializing". And after it works.
    If PS3EyeSyphon is not running, Isadora starts flawlessly.
    (No Live Input running or set in Isadora settings)

  • Ok I tested it with other software not Izzy. I will do so tonight and see what the problem is. Does it work with simple receiver from syphon or any other software?

  • And yes I did not build it for 10.9 I will make a build for older versions of osx shortly.

  • @Skulpture when you say plug in I don't know what you mean by plug the camera in but this should be done before you launch the software.

  • Izzy Guru

    Nothing to do with your app - just if I plug in the PS3 cam with izzy already open - izzy crashes. I'm looking into it.

  • Ok, the problems above should be all fixed, I also made a 10.9 version, but that is as far back as I can go with mac os's. I had actually uploaded an out of date binary. It should be better now, but anyone who has the time to test it let me know if you come across anything else.

    One thing that is important is that you need to configure the camerasettings.xml first especially to make sure the OSC ports are free or the app will not start. I am working on a fix for this. The other bug as far as I can tell is that about 50% of the time for me the app crashes on exit as it does not release all its assets correctly. I hope to have that fixed in the coming days as well.
    I am also curious if anyone that uses it has any other features they want.
    Let me know
  • Izzy Guru

    Downloaded and works great. Unfortunately its crashing isadora still but I am on a beta so im looking into it still.

  • The 10.9 version is working so much better.
    Real 640*480 syphon output. But when I ask for 100fps, capture doesn't go over at 60fps.
    When I ask 50fps, I get 50fps.. (But 50 is enough for me at the moment).
    Still freezing "Video Input : Initializing" of Isadora at lauch, but works.
    PS3EyeSyphon crashes everytime on exit.

    Features ?
    The ability to change settings (resolution framerate, OSC...) into PS3EyeSyphon directly, not edit XLM.

    That's a handy tool you made Fred.
    Congratulations and thanks!

    All the best