How to have a person move an object that is generated/projected by Isadora

  • ofcourse you need a IR led as well for the actor/dancer ;))

  • gapworks-  IR led on the dancer.  Kinect watches the IR led.

    Thanks dbini!  I will check out.

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    In the link you see a video where an IR-Pen and a Wii-mote are working together, the Wiimote was about 8 meters (26ft) away the maximum distance I could get to work fine. I usede OSCulator to connect to the Wiimote and sent OSC messages to Isadora.

    Best Michel

  • @ Michel would a pen this size work ?
    and how do you connect the Wii with the pen. OSCulator and Osc messages is clear as i used it before. 

  • Even later than previous late to party people -

    I would approach this by trying to set up sensor/sensors that cover a plane in front of the projection (parallel to the wall where the projection is happening) to detect x y coordinates for anything that breaks the plane.
    Depending on how many blocks you want, stage size, budget and rigging time you may be able to do it with a series of break beam or distance sensors.
    If you have serious budget then a laser scanner would be the thing to go for (but test it with expected lighting conditions to see) - cheap 360 laser scanner is
    You would not need full 360 if the laser is on one side or above, but this was cheaper than anything else last time I looked.

  • Well done, glade you solved it. ;)

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    No that pen would not work it uses the IR signal to communicate with the usb ir receiver and that is just for sending commands and it has a laser pointer. You need an IR-Pen that has a bright IR-Light. You don't have to connect the IR-Pen with the Wiimote, the Wiimote has a built in IR-Camera and the camera sees the IR-Light.

    I have used this IR-Pen the wrong way around, the IR Light was not facing the surface but the Wiimote, I am sure there are cheaper ones around, or you can build your own, there are lots of tutorials online, the trick is to find a very bright IR-LED.

    Best Michel

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    You need to use the eyes or eyes++ actor and a blob decoder actor attached to it and something infront of the cameras lens that blocks the visible light so the camera only sees the IR light otherwise it will be difficult to track only the IR-Light.

    A not exposed but devoleped 35mm color photofilm is a good and cheap filter to atach to the cameras lens to block most of the visible light.

    Best Michel

  • Here is where I'm currently at.

    Started with "pushing particles.izz" to have mouse control X/Y movement of particles. 
    Then tried to use syphon receiver to bring in my Kinect IR stream from Processing (pushing particles + IR.izz).  As you can tell Skulpture or DusX the second experiment isn't working. I cannot figure out how to tie it into the initial pushing particles patch and have the IR light take the place of the mouse.  
    Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

    c29f51-pushing-particles-forum.izz 280df2-pushing-particles-w-ir-forum.izz