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  • I am currently also playing around with soft-edge-blending possiblities to edge-blend two projectors with Isadora. Until now, my approch was using alpha-masks/ramps, which works so far, but it's not really handy and I am also afraid of getting a nasty brighter or darker center on the overlap as I cannot control the gamma curve this way.

    Are there any news about the best practice on edge blending with Isadora?

    I am developping the patch on a pc, but the final project will be running on a mac. So a solution which works for pc and mac would be the best. Unfortunately this also means I cannot test the Quartz-solutions, but If this is the best/only reasonable approach, I will be able to borrow a mac from somebody for the preparations.

  • Hello,

    Read this old discussion... Will be great to edge-blending two projectors directly with Isadora ( and not have to tinker ). It seem to me not a creasy possibility for professional software at this day

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    Hello again,

    I wanted to upload the izzy file to see how I could do an edge blend with the SEB quartz composer. I didn't create the original izzy file so some of the effects are not IC or QC. The original dance performance only used 1 projector but for my performance I have other video in the show that will need to be projected with 2 projectors, edge blended. So I wanted to try and edge blend the live video to make it more interesting. I realize that I am only using a standard def signal so I would be stretching the image over the two projectors. How could I patch this so I can do an edge blend with this file? 
    Thanks for everyone's help. I have my system up and running and I am excited to start using it.


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    Also; try this... It's not complete but it will get you started. @bagarrett74 ;)2f2ef5-magneticfieldsedge-blend-1.izz

  • Thanks Skulpture. I appreciate you doing that. So with this file I should go through Blendy and Madmapper to do the edge blend. Also what do the fader actors do in this setup?
    Thanks again.

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    You had "Control Watcher" actor linked to each individual projectors intensity - presumably so you could fade each in/out each output? This does the same thing in essence.

    There are a few options really. Edge blend seems to be the common method for the time being. 
    You need to send this out via a syphon output. 

  • on a production in february i fell in love with Mapio - granted it was a bit of a pain to do back then since I had to do a work around to get mapio to work inside quartz (it was more a plugin than a stand alone application) so I was doing Isadora > Syphon > Quartz with Mapio output.

    But mapio 2.0 lite is out and mapio 2 pro will be out soon... looks like you can just syphon right into mapio 2.0 and use that as the final output interface to do mapping/edge blending/cropping/warping in some kind of ready intuitive way. Anyways I will probably be going that route for the remount in the next few months.

  • It can also be used as a FFGL plugin!  @Mark, that's potentially very exciting for our future!



  • Hello all,

    SEB actor is not working for me, so I went hunting through the wide web.
    I've tested Millumin, Blendy, Mapio2lite.
    After that, I jumped on this thread:
    I downloaded the edgeBlend-01.qtz which is intended to work with a TripleHeadToGo, and I modified it to blend for a Dual Head to Go. 
    I will test it with 2 projectors tomorrow.
    Attached are the QC comp.
    Hope they can help.
    Regards Loïc

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    Thanks @lpipoz :)