• Even closer now - got it working with the Pure Data sample patch and Isadora looked like it should work but then the batteries dies in the Nxt brick.

    Loads of batteries in them things. Send me some more!

  • are you in London? I can take you some this w/e from Portugal :)

  • Ok finally I have some batteries and can now confirm that Isadora and LegoOsc DON'T work together!

    For some reason either LegoOsc or the NXT brick don't understand the OSC messages that Isadora is spitting out.
    The workaround would be to write some little bridging app in Max or PD that converts say midi to OSC that works. 
    A simple if clumsy solution.

  • Dear Gavin,

    I can assure you that the OSC messages Isadora sends follow the standard. Have you tried turning off type tags? What kind of messages does the NXT brick expect? Is there any documentation on that?
    Best Wishes,

  • Hmm well it could be human error but it really didn't seem like it. Maybe I'll have another look on Monday.

    If I turn off type tags then legoOsc doesn't receive/understand the incoming messages.
    I had the Pure Data example working and the legoosc java code reports the incoming OSC messages in its log window.
    I tried it with Isadora and had identical messages in the legoosc log window but the lego brick didn't respond. I assumed it was something to do with OSC message format as I have had  problems with this before (not just with Isadora).
    One thing which could potentially be causing problems is that the message is in the format /motorForward 0 i
    Could the spaces be causing an issue? Or the fact that I am sending integers?
    I'm straw clutching rather than employing logic.

  • well what exactly comes after the /motorForward part?

    /motorForward is a valid OSC address.
    But is the rest text? is the actual message "0 i" (less the quotes) ? Or???
    Best Wishes,

  • may I send you some good vibes of encouragement not to give up??!! thank you

  • It's /motorForward i n

    where i is the number of the motor and n is the speed of the motor.
    So, "/motorForward 1 4" would tell motor 1 to turn quite slowly and
     "/motorForward 1 127" would tell it to turn alot quicker.
    There are no quotes in the message - I just put those in. I've never seen an OSC message like that before normally its /address/ value but this is the way it seems to be with LegoOSC.
    The pure data patch sends /MotorForward 1 $1 (where $1 is the value) and it works.
    Isadora - I set the transmit address to /MotorForward 1 with the value determined by the value input of course.
    Like I said the values received by LegoOsc look identical in the log window, except it don't work.

  • Is it possible to send the Pure Data patch that outputs the working values. I could analyze them to see how they are different than what Isadora sends.

    Best Wishes,

  • Here we are.