Mark + World Technology Awards 2012 = Gratitude

  • Hello All,

    I just wanted to share the news since it became official today: I have been named a finalist in the Arts category of the prestigious World Technology Awards, presented by the World Technology Network, in association with TIME, Fortune, CNN, Technology Review, and Science/AAAS. The roster of artists with whom I have been nominated puts me in some very nice company. They are Joe Davis (MIT), Markus Kayser (Markus Kayser Studio), Aaron Koblin (Data Arts Team, Google), and Golan Levin (Professor of Electronic Time-Based Art at Carnegie Mellon University). Personally my money is on Golan. ;-)
    I mention this here not just out of my own personal excitement, but because it caused me to reflect a bit on how I got here. Most certainly I've worked hard as an artist, and done my best to create compelling performances and other artwork. But, since are recognizing “most innovative work of the greatest likely long-term significance", Isadora is naturally part of the picture. 
    But, as I think you know, Isadora isn't just a program -- it's a community of people. It's _you_. And as a community, you've all stuck by me over the years, through imperfect releases, long wait times for some features, and the like. You've been very understanding of the fact I refuse to give up my artistic practice.
    You are all such a special community of people -- I see it every day in the way you share and help each other in this forum. So I wanted to honor you in the moment that I receive this honor, because you are part of my story.Thank you all for believing in the software, and thus, indirectly, me.
    Luckily I was already going to be in Washington D.C. for some other work the day after the big gala awards ceremony. So I expect to be there in my penguin suit to see what happens.
    Again, thank you all.
    Very Sincerely,
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    This is amazing news! Congratulations!!

  • Great, Mark! Just great!

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    Fantastic. You are great to deal with, so your community follows, and Izzy shines.

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    Hey Mark, I am very happy for you. Congratulations.

  • congrats!!

  • Congratulations Mark; that's fantastic news!

  • Congratulations Mark. Well deserved!


  • Mark,

    Congratulations, well deserved! 

  • Congratulations Mark, you so deserve it! And it's exciting that Isadora and its community is recognized this way :-)

  • Great News !
    Congrats Mark. And thanks again for your hard work.
    Well deserved indeed.

  • congratulations mark. i"ve been able to do so much with isadora and when i get stuck this place always helps me to get going again. when i can i cross everything wishing for your name being read as the winner.

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    Mark, we've had this discussion personally before. But I don't separate your artistic work from isadora. Isadora is an artwork per se. Its genrousity, flexibility, it's welcoming attitude, it is a blessing for many Persons.

    I've found a wonderful definition of what an artwork purpose is. Alain Robbe Grillet, french novelist, said that an artwork is not the defense of an idea or the desire to spread a purpose eve if it is a good one). It is simply the capacity it has to make a spectator ask him(her)self a question he didn't know he(she) had. Before. isadora make me do this all the time. So it is an artwork. it changed me. Forever. So, of course you continue to do music and dance projects, but Isadora is Inside this production and not outside. At least for me. Techne in greek means art after all.....

  • Thank you Armando. Well said. I'll remember for the next time. ;-)

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  • wishing u every success tonight mark.

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  • has mark received the award!!!!?

  • i've been looking for news all day.