Mark + World Technology Awards 2012 = Gratitude

  • Congratulations for a well deserved honor.  Your selfless and dedicated work on Isadora has made a program that opens an enormous world to anyone who ventures in.  It has allowed me to work from a philosophy that I think is important in dance - that the dancer, working with the choreographer, is a creative collaborator and contributer to a performance in real-time.  Isadora has allowed me to go beyond creating dances, to create situations for dance.  You are an inspiration not only for your programming skills, but also for your artistic work and collaborations, and for your work ethic, your willingness to give to the community, your work on Creative Commons, etc.

    Well deserved, indeed!

    My best, Valerie

  • Tech Staff

    Fantastic news!
    Mark you were willing to take a chance on me, and I in turn have tried to play a positive role, supporting and promoting Izzy.
    Its this down to earth, fair and human element you have brought to Isadora, and the community behind it, that makes it truly unique.
    At times I feel like we are all working together.

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    I also feel the same lake DusX

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    I echo this statement "At times I feel like we are all working together."

  • Tech Staff

    "At times I feel like we are all working together."
    !!me like to!!

  • Congratulations Mark!

  • Congratulations! Just caught up on the thread. Well deserved!


  • Fantastic News ....


  • Hi Mark, congratulations! I think Isadora paves a completely new way for video-performances around the globe. I myself witnessed its success in Moscow, Russia, once I brought the first copy in 2010 with me. Since then theaters started accepting it one by one to replace or add to the much more expensive and complex media server solutions. Moscow Art Theatre, Fomenko Theatre workshop, Satyricon Theatre, Lenkom theatre -- are the best venues in Moscow, which fell to the charms of Isadora since then. Two of my own Isadora engagements were nominated for the Golden Mask (small-scale production in 2011, large-scale production in 2012), and they would not be possible without Isadora. So, from ze bottom ov mai hart, thank you very much, Comrade!

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    Here's to an extra laser-etched brain Mark!  With heartfelt THANKS for all the ingenuity and dedication you've poured into Isadora.  Can't imagine my art practice without it! +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Carole