Izzy Map Globally over Many Scenes

  • @Mark : You wrote "In the end, I can see that what we need is a sort of "global mapping library' or something like that, where the maps/slices are stored globally and just automatically change everywhere whenever you edit one instance."
    I don't really see the point of this as the user actor solution works perfectly. The only thing is that you have to create it so maybe that's why you mention this ?

  • Dear Stephane_Morisse,

    Well, this global slice idea is apparently in other media server software. Someone who works with such software (as well as Isadora) requested it when I received feedback from him.

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    2 things will make all the difference IMHO Projectors allowing virtual output, so a mapped texture can be fed into another projector and mapped again.. ect... And mapping added to the stage setup (final level mapping) This will allow endless creative possibilities and a convenient global per stage map.

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    Here is an example similar to the one @jhoepffner posted, but using a user actor for the IzzyMapped projector, and two others for the Set Global Values and Get Global Values actors. It has a handy little control panel too. This is just a demo/template using the Rectangle Mapper "slice", but I am also planning on making User Actor templates and demos for the Triangle, Composite Rectangle, Composite Triangle, Composite Circle, and Grid "slices" for personal use and can post them if anyone is interested in having them. Using this setup you can:

    - Crossfade between scenes.
    - Have multiple different scenes, or multiple projectors in the same scene, use the same mapping.
    - Make global adjustments to the mapping points without needing to go into IzzyMap (useful if you need/want to change mapping accurately while live and have it track across multiple scenes).
    - You can also just rename, save, replicate, and use the projector user actor by itself and follow @mark 's instructions to make changes inside IzzyMap and then "Save and Update All" to make the changes to all of your user actors of that name. (This is how I had been doing it for a show I did in June and December, but having the option to do it through global values couldn't hurt either :D.)
    There are comments inside the user actors in the demo with some more detailed info, should you want it.
    Hope this is useful,

  • Hi All, i`am working on a mappingproject and the save und update all function of the user actor is not working as expected i placed a movie player - projector and another user actor in to a user actor - do some changes on the mapping - but the problem is: not all the time the user actor show up the menu -save und update all- (if i close it) and i`am not able to store the changes on the mapping for several scenes - on the beginning i had the same user actor on a seperate scene and changed the settings there - this actor allways asked me if i want to update all but now also in this scene the user actor do not work as expected anymore??? any idea what could be the problem?

  • Dear Bodo,

    I think to analyze this we would need the .izz file and some specific instructions on how to open the User Actor, make a change, and see that the "Save and Update All" dialog does not show up. 
    I tested this just now in v2.2.2
    1) Created a User Actor with a Movie Player -> Projector
    2) Double-clicked the Projector and added a Triangle IzzyMap
    3) Closed User Actor, Choose "Save and Update All"
    Then I did several tests where I opened the User Actor and modified the IzzyMap. For me, in each case, the Save and Update All dialog box was shown as expected.
    If you want, you can send me the file in an email and tell me the exact steps you are taking where the Save and Update All dialog does not appear.
    Best Wishes,

  • I can confirm the observation Bodo made, but as it happened super rarely and I never was able to recreate it, i did not fill a bug report.

    But (maybe a hint for Mark) the changes made in this specific user actor took effect, but not in all the same elsewhere in the scenes, just like 'new instance'. The workaround for me was to open the actor again, dis- and reconnect any of its internal connections. After that on closing the dialog appeared and everything worked as expected.

  • Dear Mark,

    the behavior is like Reinhard said - my workaround for now is just to ad an actor in to the user actor (with no conection to anything) do the mappingchanges and close the user actor - then the dialog will show up (next time i delete the actor againe) - on monday i will be back on the showcomputer and will send you the patch - thank you!

    ciao Bodo

  • I would find a global Map layer extremely helpful.

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    I like @Woland user actor and set globals approach - thanks Bob. However, isn't the issue that the IzzyMap 'Input' settings are not publishable? Would it be possible to have a quad distort points published for the IzzyMap Input?
    The only way I can see to propagate the same IzzyMap 'Input' settings is to broadcast scene output using 'Broadcaster' actor and 'Listener' actor (as suggested by J Hoepffner earlier in this thread) to a control scene to have them pass through the same projector actors and mapping interface.