• First I have never done the scripting and I am pretty bad with writing a code.

    I have a problem in hand that AppleScript would probably solve.
    So when my computer starts I need one app to complete the startup and have MIDI port active before the other app starts checking available devises while starting up. I put these tho in Login items, but they start too back-to-back.
    So I think if I have a AppleScript in Login items instead that initiates the start of these apps one after another I would be set.
    Follow Up:
    So I modified a script I found to do this
    tell application ”X”
    open ”Drive name:Users:yourname:Desktop:file1.etc”
    delay 3
    tell application ”Y”
    open ”Drive name:Users:yourname:Desktop:file2.etc”
    I save it as app and put this in login items.
    It seems to work. What you think?

  • Seems right... though you seem to be missing the "end tell" statement... but in theory the idea that you 1) open app a with file a, 2) delay, 3) open app b with file b would seem to be the right behavior.

    Best Wishes,