Isadora Werkstatt 2016 - Community Discussion

  • Dear Folks,

    @willystyle, @BHassman, @crystalhorizon, @dbini
    Tickets available here:
    But **PLEASE**: **don't just select off every workshop available!** Already the first purchasers selected every workshop on the list, even though the times conflict and they could not possibly attend all the workshops they've chosen. Look at the list and choose the workshops that you can really attend! If you choose workshops with conflicting times, then you may not get in to the ones you want.
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    Oh, sorry-seems I did that mistake of selecting all...the enthusiasm overwhelmed me

  • Tech Staff

    I wanted to add here how excited I am about the 'Isadora Creative Space' during the event.

    Each day there is a large block of open space time blocked out for the Alte Katine on Thursday and Friday, and Studio 12 on Saturday.
    This is space and time that we can come together and experiment/build/play with Isadora, and learn from each other. Open to all attendees.
    I will be spending a large part of my time attending in the Isadora Creative Space, and really look forward to connecting with other Isadora users in these spaces. I am bringing some toys with me to add to the fun.
    [EDIT by MFC: corrected the location and name of the Creative Space]

  • @DusX,

    Made some corrections to the statement above.
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    Thanks @mark
    I didn't see this mentioned on the Program announcment page, so I wanted to talk about it a bit here.

  • @DusX, thanks for making that clear, that's great: I didn't realise that there was play-time and play-space alongside the structured sessions. I look forward to hanging out in the Creative Space!

  • Hello,

    I just bought a ticket for the big event, I am very happy to meet offline all the people we met online.
    See you there!

  • Sadly I don't think I can make it to Berlin this time.

    Looks good though!
  • Izzy Guru

  • i will do lights for opera in salzburg all summer, but would at least love to join one day (special interest in motion tracking and finally meeting the guys in real :)

  • Izzy Guru


    The number one question at the minute is hotels, B&B, motels, etc etc. So we wanted to get some information out to you ASAP. So here it goes.

    1. Generator Hostels: Sometimes full of partiers, but we've had friends + family stay there.They said it was clean and fine (they had a private room)
    1. Generator Prenzlauer Berg -…/dest…/berlin/prenzlauer-berg/ (relatively convenient, on ring to Gesundbrunnen then one stop on U8 to Pankstr)

    2. Generator Hostel Berlin Mitte - (also relatively convenient.)

    3. Circus Hostel - - A TroikaTronix team member stayed here before and said it was good (very convenient, onU8)

    4. Die Fabrik Hostel - – A friend has stayed here a few times. Not very convenient for our thing though.

    5. Ibis Berlin - The Ibis hotels… cheap, clean, fine. The budget one at Alex, which would of course be very convenient shows 56€ per night right now.

    6. And always remember to check out:

    Some of you may be aware of a service called Airbnb. Well, The situation here in Berlin is a bit tricky. New legislation was recently passed to prevent folks from exploiting Air BnB to the point that regular Berliners are priced out of affordable housing. This just happened so folks are still figuring out what the legislation actually means + in the meantime short term rentals have gone a bit quiet.

    So PLEASE be cautious OR have a back-up plan if you choose to use AirBNB.

    For reference here is a link to the venue so you can search for accommodation near by:

    Kind regards,

    The Isadora Team.

  • Thanks G, I've stayed in Circus and can confirm that its a good place. I'm still waiting to get paid before I can book my place, flights and accom.

    And for someone who may be on a very tight budget, this [bucket]( is available nearby. ;)

  • Just to clarify the AirBnB situation in Berlin at the moment. The new legislation only effects people who rent out an entire apartment. There are plenty of spare rooms and sofabeds for rent on AirBnB that are still legit, and usually cheaper than many other options.

  • Izzy Guru

    Thanks for the update on Airbnb. We were just not 100% at the time of posting and wanted to make sure.

  • I got paid! and got my ticket! see you in Berlin!

  • Tech Staff

    A little preview of a few elements we will build together at the Werkstatt in the Javascript coding classes.
    I should mention, only one image is used in the creation of this video (an arrow)... All location and orientation is controlled via Javascript.
  • Tech Staff


    That bucket is hilarious!
    That video sampler looks amazing, and the Isadora Creative Space sounds like heaven!
    I wish I could make it to Berlin. Hopefully I can make it to the next Isadora symposium, I have a nice little MIDI Show Control system that I would have liked to share. I am currently working on a tutorial for it, but it would have been more fun to share it in person.
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    Best wishes for the success of the Werkstatt!

    Let us know if anything will be live streamed during the event.

  • It turns out I will be in Berlin around the days of the Werkstatt on unrelated business. I most likely won't be able to go the lectures, but would there be a way to come and hang around in the Creator Space?


  • Dear @eight,

    Contact werkstatt [atta] troikatronix [dotta] com and ask the question there. One of the team will help you.
    Best Wishes,