[Solved] Video don't plays smoothly, while Isadora shows more then 50FPS.

  • @fifou can you try hap?

  • Not for now (rehearsals), but I will..

  • I've tried HAP.
    Players are switching to QT but the overall result is better (not perfect), 95Mbps for a single 720p movie..
    There must be better solutions for reading a single movie without a single lag.
    I wish I could find the culprit..

  • @fifou, I am not sure how to help you further, I could get smooth playback of HD from my old core 2 Duo machine with a 512 mb GFX card with Isadora and with my retina with 2 gig nvidia GFX I get 4x full HD or 4k smooth. Is there anything else running on your system using resources?

  • @Fred

    What frame rate do you use for the videos? I often had this issue in Isadora as well as in other live mixing software. Even playing them on big media server's like watchout or Pandora's. What most times seem to help is, rendering the content with at least 50/s.

  • @ DillTheKraut¬† use 1.5g data rates as I have only had 1.5 infrastructure mostly so that means 25p or 50i. I have been doing much more 50p lately. I am definitely not a fan of pandora and it does not have a great reputation for playback. A lot of the time I have written my own software for playback and have not had problems either....not that this helps you, just to say that the hardware is sufficient.

    I get good 4k playback with hap except for its poor colour banding on gradients, this is inherent in the hap codec.
    Pro-res LT is often my go to codec at 1080p25 it works just great. I think a lot of others have a similar experience with Izzy, especially since version 2\. Sometimes I will put Izzy to a target of 50 fps for the 25fps playback and it gets smoother (if I have had problems).
    Maybe you can send me a sample and patch and I can test it on other hardware?

  • @Thank you for offering help. It's not an actual issue, but something me and others experienced allot. Pandoras is only one example, given Millumin, resolume, etc.

    My experiences are based on a Mac Pro 2013 with 48GB and two firepro300.
    What I didn't try yet, is enabling/ disabling vsync. Curious if this option is available on OSX anyways.

  • @Fred
    No, cpu activity is very low when playing movie (almost nothing on the 8 cores).
    Movies are on the internal SSD.
    Movies are 25fps, Isadora target framerate is 50fps (It works better this way) and stays @ 50fps during playback.
    I'm talking about micro freezes in the movements, sometimes. never at the same time.

  • Hmmm, I have definatley seen not so great performance but I dont know if I noticed the same things as you have seen. What are you using to convert your files?

  • Tech Staff

    I would look at your backround services, perhaps you have some utility that is interrupting to manage some aspect of your system. Even a virus scanner may cause intermittent interrupts. Also, be sure you are playing at a framerate that matches your hardware.

  • Guys, I think I found the culprit.
    Videofiles supposed to be native ProResLT 1280 x 720 files, were 12.. x 7.. real size (some fancy resolution,I don't remember replaced files) and 1280 x 720 display size. I don't know how I managed to do such things when I exported my medias (shame on me).

    So it seems that when movies aren't the same resolution as Isadora's default, rendering is much less efficient (AVFoundation).
    Now, it's almost perfect !

    Thanks all for your answers and advices.