Augmented Theatre iOS App (on App Store) with Isadora

  • Previously I posted about the OSC Titles App, which has since been released on the App Store as Augmented Theatre App and used in the first its show in Moscow, premiered on September 4, 2016 at the Meyerhold Theatre Center.

    In that show I was able to control the visuals on the screen, as well as a multiplicity of the effects on the spectators iOS devices –– all from a single Isadora patch.
    Although due to time constraints and issues I ran into during the Apple approval the App is branded for that specific show, my plan is to make it as generic as possible.
    Currently it contains video and audio files embedded, which are specific to that show and requires any media updates to go through a app store review, which takes days.
    So I am working on decoupling the media files from the app, making it more generic and brandable for any show via silent push updates.
    However, even in its current state the app is quite usable, if all you need is sending text, vibration, turn on/off the torch, flash an arbitrary color on the screen. It was fun to watch all that happening on hundreds of the devices in the audience in Moscow.
    This app is in the active development right now, and new versions go into the App Store queue as soon as the previous one gets off the queue into the store.
    Information on how to control the app is constantly updated [here]( This link is also contained in the app description on the App Store.
    Currently I am putting it into a second "augmented theatre" show in New York, and would love you to try it out in your next production, and give me a feedback.


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    Very cool!

    Built with cinder?

  • @DusX Yes, it is cinder. So when it's stable, I am going to compile it for android.


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  • Hi @eight, Great work! It must have been a real buzz seeing it work with an audience. Regards Bonemap

  • @bonemap Thanks! It was an interesting experience at every step. Start with trying to convince the show's director, and almost fail ("it will distract the audience"), immediately sell it to the music director ("it's gonna be very cool!"), fight with the sound engineer, who wanted to just take the audio off the phone and push it through his Dolby Surround Sound system. Work with the actors to have them learn to cue me with their phones and take what's going on in the audience into account. Get into a lengthy appeal process with Apple, who ignored all the instructions on how to set things up, and kept insisting that the app "is not doing anything at all". Answer a myriad of questions from the administration, PR, IT, who had to greatly expand their WIFI to allow 300 simultaneous connections, and finally the audience. Bring down the network on the first dressed rehearsal (the WIFI was open, and everybody and their brothers with android devices saturated the connection before the iOS people could get in). Finally excited to see the audience going crazy with the torches going on and screens flashing to the beat of the music on the stage.


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    So once the show has run through there is no way for audience members to access the video/image content of the app? They should delete the app or upgrade for the next show that uses the app?

  • @bonmap

    Currently there is no way to see the content, unless commanded by the OSC sender. So, yes, as far as the audience (and Apple) is concerned, this app is as good as a brick outside of the show.
    That can change though, I have some ideas of how to entertain people outside of theatre, but currently it is low on the priority list.

  • Interesting and brilliant! - how did the wifi perform? 

    I've been daydreaming about the following idea for a while:
    Get people to hold there phones up and ping a signal to each one in turn so camera tracking can calculate the position of each phone and link it to an ip address. 
    Then send out ip specific osc to set each phone screen to different colours and create patterns.
    I realise this is more complicated than broadcasting OSC......but it is a daydream at the moment!

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    This is amazing!!

  • Hi, So much potential with this, very inspiring. Cheers Bonemap

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    Just got this working and its amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  • @Skulpture : Thanks! I am open to suggestions on how to expand and make its functionality easier to access.


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    that sounds like a great application... love it.
    awesome tool.. its great that you are sharing!

  • i did a version of a show a couple of years ago where - for part of it - we sent sliders to individual audience members' phones to control elements of the lighting, soundtrack and video effects. a person in the audience would had control over an element for 5 minutes. Thing is, as soon as they realised they had control, they just wiggled the slider around like crazy for 10 seconds, then gave up.

    it was done with JSon/websockets sending OSC into Isadora, with Midi out to Live and DMX out through a LanBox.
    That was part of research for a system which we developed into a show called Please Switch On. We performed in Switzerland last week and it went really smoothly. (the app is hosted on Heroku, which is normally very stable, but 5 minutes after the first show, Heroku across Europe went down for the afternoon, to be fixed about an hour before the second show - somehow we got very lucky)
    I like the idea of flashing audience's LEDs in sequence. I worked on a show years ago where we gave the audience members torches and they did the lighting themselves.

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    Could you check the color flash - I am getting everything else. iphone 6 v9.3.5

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    Bravo !
    Give me so much ideas..
    I wish I could apps code for ios and android..


  • @bonemap : I just checked v 1.3 (currently on App Store) against the Isadora Patch –– flashes are working. Try to restart the app and check the IP settings, being on the same WiFi network.

    @fifou -- Thanks. I welcome all ideas on how to make it easier to incorporate into shows.
    @dbini -- We are discussing giving the audience some kind of control, but so far we thought of aggregating some kind of input from all the audience, and act on that. Like giving them some choice in the voting.

  • @eight - Please Switch On is now all about the audience voting. its loads of fun. we don't have a clue what we're going to do until the audience is in and contributing....

  • @eight I did delete the TestFlight version and go to the App Store, and started using the multi-cast address. But I will try it all again today. I really want to see the color working! Cheers Bonemap