Augmented Theatre iOS App (on App Store) with Isadora

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    Hi, So much potential with this, very inspiring. Cheers Bonemap

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    Just got this working and its amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  • @Skulpture : Thanks! I am open to suggestions on how to expand and make its functionality easier to access.

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    that sounds like a great application... love it.
    awesome tool.. its great that you are sharing!

  • i did a version of a show a couple of years ago where - for part of it - we sent sliders to individual audience members' phones to control elements of the lighting, soundtrack and video effects. a person in the audience would had control over an element for 5 minutes. Thing is, as soon as they realised they had control, they just wiggled the slider around like crazy for 10 seconds, then gave up.

    it was done with JSon/websockets sending OSC into Isadora, with Midi out to Live and DMX out through a LanBox.
    That was part of research for a system which we developed into a show called Please Switch On. We performed in Switzerland last week and it went really smoothly. (the app is hosted on Heroku, which is normally very stable, but 5 minutes after the first show, Heroku across Europe went down for the afternoon, to be fixed about an hour before the second show - somehow we got very lucky)
    I like the idea of flashing audience's LEDs in sequence. I worked on a show years ago where we gave the audience members torches and they did the lighting themselves.
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    Could you check the color flash - I am getting everything else. iphone 6 v9.3.5

  • Bravo !
    Give me so much ideas..
    I wish I could apps code for ios and android..


  • @bonemap : I just checked v 1.3 (currently on App Store) against the Isadora Patch –– flashes are working. Try to restart the app and check the IP settings, being on the same WiFi network.

    @fifou -- Thanks. I welcome all ideas on how to make it easier to incorporate into shows.
    @dbini -- We are discussing giving the audience some kind of control, but so far we thought of aggregating some kind of input from all the audience, and act on that. Like giving them some choice in the voting.

  • @eight - Please Switch On is now all about the audience voting. its loads of fun. we don't have a clue what we're going to do until the audience is in and contributing....

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    @eight I did delete the TestFlight version and go to the App Store, and started using the multi-cast address. But I will try it all again today. I really want to see the color working! Cheers Bonemap

  • @bonemap At this point it is better not to use the TestFlight version because it is not guaranteed to be in sync with the example isadora patch I maintain in the dropbox.

    We will get down to the reason of the problem you are having with the color, I promise, just need to keep the ball rolling ;-)
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    Hi 8, I have received a TestFlight update for your iOS app. I have had an opportunity to test with Isadora, the app is at least launching on my iPhone with iOS10. The AR compass functions appear after swipping across the screen. Everything is working on the Isadora 22Sept patch.

    Cheers Bonemap

  • @bonemap: Thanks for your report. Previously the app wasn't launching on IOS 10, because this version of IOS introduced a watcher, which would kill applications on startup, if they were considered taking too long time to launch. The app was loading files off the cloud, and that prompted the kill on iOS 10. Now download happens on background thread and iOS 10 is happy.

    Did you check out new functionality at ?

  • Today at the show I found another use of the app: It can be used for communication between technicians, running the show. Messages silently appear on their smartphones, coming from one centralized location (Isadora), telling everybody what exactly is happening now, and what to expect next. I think I will add a configurable OSC port to separate technical and non-technical audiences.

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    I like this as a stage management / cueing tool ☺

  • @DusX The version currently in App Store Review allows to manually change the OSC port in the app's settings to allow the technical stuff to set their "technical" port.


  • We found in productions that entering a realtime text through Isadora (where we control the rest of the media in the smartphones) is hard.

    So I quickly created a standalone program to easier send text to the Augmented theatre App.
    The demo of the program is here:
    The program (OS X) can be downloaded here:
    It works on port 3000 and broadcasts to
    Give it a go..
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    Sorry for the thread necromancy, but this is freaking amazing. I'm going to try it out soon and see if it still works on the most recent iOS. Love it for both audience and a cueing tool. I'll definitely use this if it still functions.


    Are you still developing this?

    Best wishes,


  • @woland Yes, I am adding features to it, and put it to use in the theatre projects as they come along, for example, this one:  Different versions of it work with AR, 3d sound and estimote beacons in IoT systems. The main difficulty in using it in external projects though is the media content. I am loading it through my own firebase cloud account. If there is interest I would externalize it so that people could set this app with their own firebase cloud accounts.

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    @eight said:

    If there is interest

     I would be interested particularly if there is a bullet proof way to manage content delivery to mobile devices. Has this ported to android or is it only iOS?

    Best Wishes