• Izzy Guru

    I downloaded the Keep-it-up software but he one I downloaded was PowerPC only. I might revisit the site and see if they ever updated it.

    Ive got it working with applescript actually... i'm going to blog it and share it because I saved it as a app which you can start on launch.
  • Izzy Guru

    That would be great Graham

    Just downlaoded keepitup x, but it doesn't launch, even it says power pc and intel on their website.

  • Izzy Guru

    I've cracked it using some of the code Mark created in the old forum! Thanks @michel.

  • Izzy Guru

    So here it is:

    Place the test.izz file into:
    Then open up the Isadora watcher application in Automator. (Mac only i'm afraid!)
    In automator change **[grahamthorne]** to **[yourname]** save it (or if you click the build button - the little hammer) it will let you know if it cant find the file. 
    This is also where you can change the location of your file if you don't want it in Documents. Please note that the file ordering is backwards!
    You can also change the name of the file from "test.izz" to anything you want; just make sure they match and include the file extension.
    Once all this is done save it or duplicate and save, locate it double click the Isadora Watcher application to open it and after a few seconds the isadora file should open and remain open. If Isadora was to crash then it would reopen Isadora and the specified file.
    You do need a little bit of Automator knowledge for this so stick with it!


  • Skulpture this is excellent.

    i've got it working really quickly.  i notice that the test file loaded my of24 version of isadora.
    applescript feels really powerful, but i'm still struggling to get into it.  little apps like this inspire me to keep trying.  thank you for posting it.
  • Izzy Guru

    No problem. I didn't do much really to be honest.

    I'm not sure how you would change what version to open though. 

  • i'll experiment with a patch made in of25 etc etc.

  • Because the applescript is telling finder to open the patch, finder uses the first application it finds that will open the file by going through the application folder in the order they appear. The lower numbered earlier version is listed before the more recent version so it uses that. If you rename the old version so it is listed after the newer one (for example calling it olderisadora) then the finder will use the newer version. It will also mean when you double click an izzy file the newer version will be used as well.


  • @nick thank you :)

  • [EDIT: attached new version of script with instructions embedded in the script.]

    Dear All,

    Good one Graham. Here's a slightly improved version (as an Applescript file... you can paste this in the the Automator I guess) where you can specify the exact path to the Isadora application you wish to use, thus avoiding the problem mentioned by Nick above.
    There are two "property" statements at the top. There you can specify both the Isadora application you wish to use, and the document that will be opened. Editing the first of these will determine the specific copy of the Isadora app that will run.
    These app and document files are specified as normal Unix paths... which I think is more convenient than the standard Applescript method.


  • thanks for this mark.

    i got it working after i checked "enable assistive devices" in the mouse and trackpad section of the universal access of the system preferences and i made the document path "/Applications/Isadora/Isadora watcher/test.izz"
    this is well sweet :)

  • if i had a patch that used inputs from osculator, am i correct in thinking that i could add stuff about osculator into this script too ?

    i see the benefit of this script as a start after crash and start at the beginning of the day.
    most excellent :)
  • Izzy Guru

    I cant see why you couldn't add osculator to the workflow.

    Or maybe make an app all of its own and make both of them run at start up. 
  • Izzy Guru

    I have turned Marks script into an App. Just for those who find it easier to work with; I use it this way so on start up the machine automatically loads this app and kick stats isadora.5a886c-isadora-watcher-mc.app.zip

  • Izzy Guru

    I now have a new problem..... After about two hours of running an Isadora patch it is locking up. No crash. Just goes still and as soon as I move the mouse I get the spinning beach ball.

    This patch needs to run for 8 hours a day; best I can get is 2 hours. Bit worried. Does anyone know if I can make automator look for "not responding" instead of crash... because Isadora isn't even crashing.
    I have a feeling this is a Quicktime issue....

  • i wish i could help skulpture but i feel all i can do is offer supportive words in a post following yours.  can i ask what the patch is doing, sorry i mean what does isadora output and is the 2 hour thing in any way related to a mulitiple of the loop time of the piece, i have of course gone for the big assumption of a looping video....

  • Izzy Guru

    The patch is doing quite basic stuff;

    - Pick 1 of 6 videos and plays it.
    - If no video is chosen after 2 mins it plays a demo video.
    But it will be running all day 5 days a week. It keeps hanging up after *about* two hours. 
    I am sure I will sort it out but I can't seem to understand why its happening right now. 

  • i sounds quite a quandary. could it be at all related to a system thing like put hard disc to sleep after 2 hours? r u testing the patch by letting the demo run every two minutes ? does this all take place in the same scene ? my approach here is asking questions with the intention of doing things with the stuff u already know.

  • Izzy Guru

    Nope all energy saving and screen savers stuff is off; checked that.

    Demo video is running every 2 mins with me now and again triggering a video.
    Videos are in various scenes, so no not just one.
    Weird huh?

  • oh yes ! do you suspect it to be connected to quicktime memory leakage filling up the ram ?