Send text photos to Isadora

  • I would like my audience to be able to take photographs on their phones and tweet or text them to me in Isadora, and have them play in a slideshow during the performance.  Do you have any suggestions on how I could achieve this?  Please give detailed instructions I am quite programming language challenged still..

  • will get you a twitter stream will get you an OSC stream
    Combine them and connect to Isadora.

  • this sounds like fun. where can i find an introduction to open frameworks ?

  • There are links embedded in text and there is google too.

    My experience is if you have not done much coding better find somebody to help for get this running, Installing OpenFrameworks was rather overwhelming by itself: I lost the track what I needed to download and install pretty fast. And if the stuff will not work in the end you have not much knowledge to troubleshoot. And all you get is steaming head ace.
    So even if this sounds fun the reality may not be fun at all.

  • would playing with processing be more fun to attempt this ?

  • Izzy Guru

    I've never used this but a possible solution is Quartz and RSS feeds;


  • thanks Skulpture for those links.

    i've played with the composition and twitter and stuff.  i was impressed with the speed with which the twitter rss feed picks up a new tweet from my own account.  one thing i realised getting back to the original question was that the incoming tweets would need to contain a hashtag and the search to be made on that hashtag.  tests would then need to be made as to wether the speed of the hashtag search feed was quick enough for the requirements of the production.

  • To add to this there is a port on the old forum about automatically importing images that land in a folder.;search_string=watch%20folder;guest=21839142&t=search_engine#957
    This will help you a lot- getting the images can be done a number of ways. 
    There is an old software called bluephone elite, it is discontinued but if you get pictures SMS to you this software (with a phone that is completely compatible for image downloads) can receive the images via bluetooth and have them saved to a folder - you will have to do a bunch of work here (write an apple script to be triggered on the incoming message that checks for a photo and downloads it if there is one.
    Openframeworks is not complicated to get going there are extensive instructions - you only need to download one zip and install xcode,
    The complicated part is coding in C++ but there is a lot of examples to get you going.
    There are also a number of utilities to automatically download images from a site - or you can get your audience to send them to an email address and run a script to get the images- this would be easier than the twitter option.

  • thanks Fred

    for mentioning the applescript folder action thingy. it works a treat and i've built a slide show patch that loads images into a slideshow, after showing the new image for a few seconds.  my wave smart phone works really well with it.  i did run into problems with iphones as their bluetooth capability is very limited.

  • When is this needed? I have openframeworks "running all the time", and it should not take me long to write that little app (twitter to osc), once I have some time. OS X only.

  • Izzy Guru

    I have managed to get twitter feeds into isadora via Quartz. A Quartz RSS feed listens to hashtags or specific users and sends them via OSC into Isadora.

    This website helped me out a lot;
    All I did was add the OSC Sender plugin and directed the feed to port 1234 localhost (isadora)

  • once the osc text arrives in isadora, what happens next to display in in isadaora? are there any text in isadora tutorials or videos i can watch ?

  • Izzy Guru

    You could connect it to a text draw and that to a projector? I will try and take a screen shot tomorrow.

  • I'm always interested in this as I've been running a Bluetooth Slideshow at events for years.

    It works fine but with a few caveats - some phones need pairing manually (yawn), some phones just don't work, alot of images need rotating (manually), depending on the crowd you can get a load of advertising or porn, you can only receive 1 image at a time and it can be slow.
    It would be nice to have a non-bluetooth alternative as well. Ideally one that uses an ad hoc network.
    Here's a solution for an internet connected computer: Get a dropbox account, get an email address from, get people to email their images to this email address.
    The photos should then drop into your dropbox/attachments folder. Write an applescript to import new files into Isadora (see Fred's link to old forum). Voila.
    Anyone got any ideas for a local wireless network solution?

  • i've been playing with the quartz rss feed patch thingy.  managed to find where to insert the osc sender, configured the settings and am seeing the string feed in the stream set up window.

    so far so good.
    unfortunately, the listener doesn't see the text and my excitement drops as i see nothing on the stage... so close yet so far.
    going for a walk instead.
  • Izzy Guru

    Hi @particlep

    Make sure that the OSC listener is set to 'text' in the type field.
  • Izzy Guru

    Check this website out. 
    By using an RSS Feed looking for a specfic #Hashtag you can then automatically add the selected tweets to something like an email address, dropbox folder or similar. 
    An apple script watching a dropbox folder for instance could then automatically add the pictures into the media bin.
    Hope this helps.

  • hi Skulpture 

    this is what i've been playing with in isadora.  i don;t see the text on the stage.  i don;t kow what to do now.

    807fb1-stream-set-up.tiff 315bd3-patch.tiff

  • Izzy Guru

    All looks fine... was the IP number set to in Quartz? I presume it is actually as Isadora has detected it.

    Why not send a new tweet and see if it pushes it through?
    I have mine set up exactly the same way as you.

  • i hadn;t set the ip number, it had just worked.

    there also seems to be a problem in saving the quartz patch too.
    i did tweet again and no it didn't work.
    when i put the quartz composition into isadora the stage shows the tweet info, can;t format the info, but it's showing up.