Can't capture camera to disk with blackmagic intensity shuttle driver

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    Just tried it on Sierra and it works.

    Best Michel

  • @dusxthanks for the tips

  • @michel I can usually capture camera to disk (both audio and video as one file). I know capture stage to disk does not include sound though.

  • @dusx did you also test this on windows. I gave it a go and capture camera does not work. The capture driver still says apple or blackmagic (pretty sure it is using direct show on windows), just a bit messy. Capture settings are flaky as hell and many combos give crashes with blackmagic hardware and non blackmagic driver (this combo did give a capture camera to disk for a few seconds once, but I could not get it back, and blackmagic driver and capture camera to disk straight up does not work). Codec settings seem not to stick. Seems like the capture camera stuff with blackmagic hardware is a mess/not tested before distribution.

  • @dusx this worked! thankyou so much. I can now see the camera using the Apple driver on the Mac Pro, and so capture to disk using this.

    I also installed Quicktime player 7 on the machine at the same time, and upgraded to Pro with my serial, so it could have been a factor. However, I think ultimately it was your advice to deinstall and reinstall the Blackmagic Desktop software.


  • @fred
    I'm not 100% sure I understand what you're saying, but I'm not having any trouble capturing to disk or to stage using  Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle on Windows. I'm using the Thunderbolt version, not the USB one. Here are my settings in Isadora for the capture.
    Capture Camera to Disk works fine.

    [it shows it as Blackmagic WDM Capture 2 as I also have a Blackmagic Mini Recorder attached, which Isadora sees as Blackmagic WDM Capture 1].

    BUT when I try and use the Blackmagic (as opposed to the Apple) drivers, the video in works fine (as you can see from the preview), but I can't capture the video stream with Capture Camera to Disk

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    This is the same as what I found. 

    I have entered a bug report regarding capture camera to disk with BM.

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    I am glad you have it working now.

  • @mark_m strange, I am using a Duo 2 card with the latest drivers and winver 1803. With Blackmagic drivers I get capture fine from all 4 channels, but no recording from camera, with windows drivers I get crashes, generally I enable capture, there is no image as the resolution and framerate are wrong, I go to change the framerate and then Isadora crashes on confirmation. I have reinstalled the blackmagic hardware driver and tried a bunch of resolutions.

  • @fred

    Last Year I had a similar issue on Windows. Isadora crashed incomprehensible when the Input of the Decklink where chosen or shortly after. I had contact with Ryan Webber about this, but we couldn't find a solution. This wasn't about record to disk, but the input settings itself. As it was a rental Windows machine, and time ran out for the project we decided to switch to another system and could not investigate further. On the same Hardware Watchout and Resolume worked flawless with the decklink Duo 2, even with 4 inputs in parallel. The fun part: Izzy where working fine on a 2009 Mac Pro, with very low Hardware specs and the very same Decklink. Though with very low frame rates, it was rock solid!

    I think it would be good to have deeper investigation into the compatibility with this card!