Getting Started - How do I use Effects with Motion Capture?

  • @hanslas
    Wow, I would never have tried to do that in izzy but you made a pretty fine attempt at water there!! Where in the Netherlands are you?

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    thats true what Fred says, and for jessefryery if you conect the stage mouse watcher to the shapes horz and vert position, limit their input to -50 and +50 you can position the center of the ripple via mouse.


  • @Fred, thank you for sharing, that's great,
    did you do it on Processing, or?

  • I made this with openframeworks.

  • @Fred, your proposition of hooking up to syphon and osc your water-moves is great, could you do it please?

  • I will try to find the time, I am super busy with a show at the moment. It will take a bit of your juice though, check what resolution you can send and recieve over syphon while keeping the rest of your system going. I may get a chance to look at this mid to late next week.


  • @Fred, thanks, that looks promising, I'm using syphon fine in different resolutions (but I'm sending max 720 vertical to projectors) with processing and QC, using osculator with wii and kinect, never used openframeworks...

  • @Fred, I fund out that there are 3 lines for Syphon implementation in openframeworks, if you like I could get it to you, or if you would send your patch, I have someone that could implement the syphon in your patch, we are still in research mode for openframework osc in Mac

  • You can make as many syphon channels as you like with OF, I have used 8 no probs. Openframeworks comes with OSC ready to go check the examples. You can get this effect going if you search for the ofxFx addons. If your going to get this going yourself this is all you need. I was saying before to check the capability of your machine that it can run these syphon channels and the Izzy patch you use. Best of luck Fred

  • @Fred, thanks. we could try if you would kindly share the code of your patch :)
    best regards

  • Ok here is an app that will do water ripples over an incoming syphon stream and send the results back out syphon. Make sure you have syphon working on your system and use the simple client and simple server apps to check out your setup. This is all GPU based and at SD PAL it runs 300fps for me. All parameters are controlled by OSC and save to XML if you want. I tested this a bit but I cannot really provide support as I am pretty busy now (I made it on a train racing against the clock as my battery died but did a bunch of testing and it seems pretty solid). The source code is there if you want to have a play but you will have to setup openframeworks and get the required addons to get it going. Of course as it is syphon it is mac only. There is an Izzy patch there as well to get you started. Needs core addons and some kind of video input but you could swap it for whatever you want.

    Please let me know if this is useful and if you are using it in a show- and of course let me know if it works.

  • Hi Fred, very interesting your app. What the two actors "Syphon stage oupt" and "Syphon to image" are supposed to do? I haven't got them with Izzy.  I think I've understood that your app is to send a image from Izzy and get it back to Izzy with some water ripples using Syphon. I use Syphon Madmapper, QC and Synphoner and it's working on my system. Osc is working well.

  • @ Fred, thank you very much indeed, Investigating at present your files, at the moment is not opening something like your water example posted on December, will let you know shortly.
    Best regards

  • I have removed the Izzy example, you will have to roll your own syphon stuff, the names will change depending on how you save your QC patches. I think Mathew Haber has some on this forum. It could be easier if you use those- I guess the more people that use ones with the same names and the same file behind them the more exchangeable patches will be.

    @bruper, I have no idea why it does not open on your system, I tried it on a few machines and there is no problems. What computer and OS are you running? If you are using 10.8 did you allow for non app store apps (I guess so if you are running Izzy)? Do you have syphon working on your system? DId you leave the folder structure as it was in the zip file? DId you open the correct version for your OS?

  • Fred, it's working now and very well. Thanks a lot to share your application. I'll let you know if I use it. I'm working on a performance with a dancer, using a kinnect.

  • Thanks @Fred for everything, we would like very much to use it now but I' unable to make it function on a 10.6.8
    I'm personaly not familiar with Openframeworks altough I'm using some patches...
    I'll see with some programmers friends if they can make it work

  • What machine do you have? Does your video card support FBO s? Run the console before you start the app and let me know what it says.

  • @Fred, sorry I didn't answered until now but we where rushing against time for the past few days... My machine is a MBP mid 2009, 2.93GHZ Core2Duo OSX10.6.8 8GB. I tried to understand what is FBO but couldn't find if the graphic card has it or not (NVIDIA GeForce 9400M and NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT).
    I tried to run the console which was constantly giving me google updates messages and I got rid of it, meantime there are plenty of messages which, apparently for me, are not related to OFW or the Water patch, what should I exactly look for on the Console?
    I got some friends to look on to it but they are not familiar with the Mac environment and also could not get it to work...
    best regards

  • I'm missing 2 actors: the "Syphon Stage Output" and the "Syphon to Image" where could I find it, are they part of f24 or later?

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    It's part of f27.