Split properly an image with Matrox DH2Go / TH2Go

  • Tech Staff

    I would try putting a contrast adjust after the mask picture player (the black and white fade gif file)

    You can control the brightness of the mask then.

  • I tried... not so good. it changes but in any ways i still have a line.
    the only efficient setting is the output max... affecting the complete picture, even putting it just after the ramp.
    I'll maybe try to have a mask with a lowest opacity directly in Photoshop, what do you think?
    I try and tell you.

    Is the patch correct?

  • Also, does Isadora support png?
    I did try, unsuccesfully...

  • Hi, for the "irisation",

    I think it's because that the surface you project on is "reflecting" the video in a different way depending on the angle between the source and your point of view...
    I did a little schema, I don't know how to say this !
    I have no solution to this... ( put your beamers super far... )


  • yes, you're right, i did get that ; i'm on a cyclorama... and not in back (retroprojection) but in front so it's not the better way...
    But thanx for the shema, i'll use it to explain that to my director!!

    and if i use this f***ing matrox + 2 beamers system is because i can't be far, for a wide screen format...

    but i'm not searching any solution for that (the only i can imagine right now would to put all the audience on a same line ;-), we'll put a bit of light upon the video which does not need complete darkness...

    no, my real problem is still this overlapping line...

  • Hi, back after a while, i did post on another discussion the method i finally used, thanks to Skulpture tips

    i'll post pictures asap (i'm rebuilding it in a new venue)

    Hope it will help further... and thanks a lot for helping.


  • One thing this reminds me of is a color space your using for your images. Is it linear colorspace? If it is not, you may not get what you expect in the overlap. I'd say to solve this one should have a ramp mask fine-tuned to your images and screens.


  • to be sincere i didn't even think about it, but it's solved anyway! ;)