"Listen" live music

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    wekinator - SoundSyphon - imitone

    Thanks Ryan, Lucas and @jandraka! I can learn about something new every day on this forum - quite often many things, sometimes too many things when I want to know about them all!



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    thank you guys,

    now I have many ways to try



  • Hi!

    Someone can explain to me wich actor is possible to use to listen the music "beat"?

    My idea is - in 3d particles -  using beat to add obj.



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    Hehehe, that is a trick one. There is no 'Watch for BPM' actor in Izzy.

    But let's see or we can come up with something

    1. Use an other program (like MAX MSP or PureData (free)) to get the BPM and send it using OSC to Izzy.

    2. Calculate the BPM by using the general rule of thumb. 1 BPM = (reading of the Hertz) * 60 (Since it is not beats per second, but beats per minute)

    Since we can't use Izzy Frequency watchers on a Sound Player I rather go with 1, since the second option causes a lot of headache that we have to fix with some JavaScript... (And since Izzy doesn't provide an Audio API we can't simple put filters on the values causing a lot of coding to make this possible using math..)

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    if you are using frequency analysis in Isadora, you can quickly use a frequency watcher connected to a 'tap tempo' to get the BPM.

    Tap tempo is a very hand little actor to get the BPM or hz of any input. 

  • Thank you @DusX and @Juriaan!!

    I will try and I give you my feedback.

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    The tap tempo actor works well but you have to tap in manually. Linking it to a keyboard watcher (such as space-bar) works well. 

  • you can use a sort of workaround to use tap tempo and frequences. Assuming that the beat is marked by an base drum you can check the main frequence produced by it ( usually  around 80 100 hz ) then conect that frequence band to a comparator and this one to tap tempo. keep in minde that this setu works fine with simple beat, dance or house music, if you have a more complex sound it can retun false positive. also i suggest you to add some smother or similar actor after tap tempo 'couse is not so precise. I did some test some month ago and even if recive a midi clock some time it mark a bit different time.

    here a quick example


  • Ok @Skulpture thanks a lot

  • @Maximortal I real appreciate your help! Thank you so much!!! Now I really understnd what I can do :)