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    I'm new here I have to say that Isadora seems to me a fantastic programming environment. I was trying to learn how to create patches with Isadora but I found a problem with the Movie Player end loop trigger. I did a video where I play two Movie Player one with optimize - performance and the other with optimize - interaction that play 25 loops of the video "bubbles" included in the dowlodable tutorials. The white numbers are the loops numbers, the red numbers are the trigger faults.

    Isadora version 2.5.2 , Windows 10 Pro fall creators 1709, Notebook MSI GT72 6QD, Adobe Creative Cloud turned off :

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  • @blusound

    i have the same topic on Mac 10.11.6  and 2.5.4b11. I used the position output as workaround ....

  • @blusound said:

    I was trying to learn how to create patches with Isadora but I found a problem with the Movie Player end loop trigger.

    Thank you for alerting us to this problem. I will definitely look into this, but it may be too late to do anything about it before the v2.6 release.

    That said, let me clarify something about the 'optimize' input.

    • On macOS, choosing 'performance' will use AVFoundation for playback unless the movie can't be played by AVFoundation, which case playback reverts to QuickTime.
    • On Windows, choosing 'performance' will use the Windows native DirectShow for playback unless the movie can't be played by DirectShow, which case playback reverts to QuickTime. 
    • On both macOS and Windows, choosing interactive will use QuickTime for playback if possible.

    The 'pb engine' output indicates which system is used for playback: AV for AVFoundation, DS for Direct Show, or QT for QuickTime.

    With those rules in mind, while you have chosen 'optimize' and 'interactive' for the two movie players, the movies are both being played by QuickTime, as evidenced by the 'pb engine' output which says "QT for both. That's because the Bubbles movie is a QuickTime movie, and it is not compatible with native windows playback via Direct Show. You'd have to play a WMV or AVI movie before the actor set to 'performance' actually used the highest performing system.

    I have made a test patch that will allow us to the problem.


    For macOS, I converted the Bubbles movie to Apple Pro Res so that I could play the movie in 'performance' mode on that platform. (The Bubbles movie is Motion-JPEG, which is not supported by AVFoundation.) I can confirm this bug when playing movies using QuickTime on v2.5.2 and on the v2.6 beta. However, AVFoundation does not have this issue in either version.

    I cannot reboot to Windows right now, but I will have @DusX test this with a AVI version of the clip to see what happens and edit the article once I know more.

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  • @sommerdi

    Thanks a lot but on Windows the position output seems worse then loop end..


    Thank you Mark for your fast and useful reply. I tried with WMV and AVI-DV and AVI not compressed and with this three codecs loop end trigger seems work with no issue, but using the patch you attached I notice that position output with a comparator do a lot of errors. Expecially with WMV the loop restarts much before the end of video and with a short movie like Bubbles I have to set 85 to have trigger from position.

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    @blusound said:


     It's not the optimum codec/format for short videos or interactive playback.. it's intended for playing movies at regular speed. It will provide quality playback of long hd content if played normally. Additionally it provides small file sizes.

    Hap is probably the best codec for smaller / Interactive content. However hap avi may not respond as well as quicktime for interactive work..  it's best to test for your specific usage.