MacOS Crash On Sleep? (Try and let us know!)

  • Dear Community,

    If you're a Mac user and on v2.6, it would be great if some of you could try this simple procedure:

    1. Start Isadora, letting it open an empty window
    2. Put your computer to sleep
    3. Wake it.

    Does it crash?

    I've got one user for whom Isadora consistently crashes in an Apple audio routine, It has something to do with the system reporting the audio devices present in the system.

    It's fine for me on three versions of Mac OS: 10.10, 10.12, and 10.13.


  • Isadora v2.6.1b8 with empty patch - No External Sound Card - MacMini late 2012 - Core i7 2,3GHz - OSX El Capitan 10.11.6 :

    No Crash..



  • Isadora 2.6, 10.12.6, no crash. 


  • Hi!

    MacBook Pro from 2014, High Sierra 10.13.3. I am fine following your instructions. Putting computer to sleep, waking up ......No crash.

    On the other hand Isadora itself craches if I connect or puls out a camera, (in this case an Playstation Eye), from a usb contact.

  • Mac 10.12.6

    No crash, tried stage visible and stage hidden.

    Dongle version, no dongle present

  • Y'all are the best... very reassuring! Thank you!

    Best Wishes,

  • macBook Pro middle 2015, Sierra 10.12.6: no crash, Isadora 2.6

    MacPro 2012, soundcard Saffire Pro 24 DSP: no crash, Isadora 2.6