Text Draw "font" Input Parameter Easier to Change [Feature Request Submitted]

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    Hello all,

    Right now there's no fast way to scroll through the different fonts in the Text Draw actor; you can only click > get the menu, click > get the submenu, click > select.

    I would love to be able to scroll through to see different fonts more quickly.

    If the "font" input parameter accepted integers (as many other text-based Input Parameters do), one could use a counter, or other math-based actors to quickly recall different fonts via programming without having to use a Trigger Text actor for each desired font, or a Selector with multiple fonts set as the inputs.

    Sound interesting to anybody else?

    Submitted this already.

    Best wishes,


  • Yes it sounds interesting of course !!



  • Tech Staff

    I have thousands of fonts... and these menus have always been a problem for me.

    I don't care much for the integer option. Since I want to know exactly what I am selecting, and will never know if it's numeric.

    An improved selection list would be nice, but also a Font trigger actor (like trigger text) would be great. So the font could be selected on the input side rather than having to type it in (some font names are not that easy).

  • @woland @DusX 

    Thousands of fonts is always a problem.
    The Adobe programs now let you "favourite" fonts and can just show you that small list. It's a great little tweak. Maybe that's a possibility for this idea.

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    I generally use font managers to do the same thing, but currently haven't found a tool I like for win 10.