Video Input without blackmagic

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    From @mark 's comment on this post

    "Common Question: Why won't Isadora 3 support FFmpeg?

    The following quote FFmpeg's site should give anyone pause:

    Q: Does FFmpeg use patented algorithms?

    A: We do not know, we are not lawyers so we are not qualified to answer this. Also we have never read patents to implement any part of FFmpeg, so even if we were qualified we could not answer it as we do not know what is patented. Furthermore the sheer number of software patents makes it impossible to read them all so no one (lawyer or not) could answer such a question with a definite no, those who do lie.

    That's a risk I'm not willing to take yet, even though other companies seem to be doing so (Resolume, MAX, etc.) All it would take is one lawsuit to kill Isadora completely.

    I will revisit FFmpeg as a possibility after Isadora 3's release. Perhaps if the end user installs the codecs, we'd be safe. That might be one route

    I hope that clarifies things.

    Best Wishes, Mark"

  • @dusx Hi the ML app is basically  Python script running some  OpenCV and Tensorflow

  • @brunomartelli here is  the python library you need to use instead of what you use currently for capturing inside your python code.

    You will have to make some  changes to the code to use this library, but it should  not be too hard.

    This thread is not really related to Isadora, it seems you were after advice for capture hardware for a python based machine learning tool, but asked in an Isadora forum and followed advice given for Isadora, not python. In the future it would be good to ask your python questions in a python forum where people have the experience to help you.

  • @woland as OP was asking about ffmpeg for a single bespoke tool this legal warning is not relevant. I am also still wondering how so many large commercial softwares use ffmpeg without worry.

  • @fred said:

    Thanks for this link Fred,! (I'm not really a python guy, so I'm passing it up the food chain to Tom).
    (The reason the thread is still here, not in Python thread, is the project began as Isadora to getting CCTV feed to Isadora then morphed into Isadora smoothing OSC values from separate app etc etc, it seemed more useful to feedback info on the Blackmagic.) I really appreciate the help from this forum.