How to input a video stream from an iphone using the Ip

  • i don't see how to take the stream video flux from an iphone, i 've heard about syphon but it works with mac os 10.7
    Somebody have a solution ?

  • If what you want to do is using the camera of the iphone live, with Android I use Epocam (available also for iphone) with the plug-in installed in my Mac and you don't need to use Siphon, Isadora will recognize the camera in the Live Capture Settings

  • i've used Mobiola Webcam on the iPhone & Mac.  works beautifully into Izzy for live projected video

  • After reading bruper's comment, above, I got Epocam, too and I have to say it works well on my iPhone4!



  • Nice. Thanks!

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    Epocam was great but it's not working with lion and mountain lion. someone else has this problem?


  • Dear All,

    If we can put together a list of the best apps for doing this kind of wireless web cam thing, I'll purchase/get them and give them all a test with Isadora. I look to your suggestions for which one we should use. So let me know and I'll we'll come up with a solution that works for everyone.
    P.S. We should definitely choose apps that support both iOS and Android for the most flexibility.
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    quality wise epoccam was the best. Just tested it again with mountain lion and I only get a green screen, iPhone doesn't find the mac. The drivers for mac are still beta and it seems to me not updated for a while.


  • would be great to have isadora connect to ip streams. I use IP webcam. I think it's android only but it's a  IP stream so no drivers needed and many other cameras are available. IP webcam works really fast in chrome browser. vlc player has a delay-probably buffer.

  • I have had success using Airbeam Pro with syphon into isadora with osx 10.7.5

    I haven't tried other apps for this so i couldn't compare but theres plenty of options in Airbeam pro to make it useful enough to use.

  • Epocam works fast enough but is only beta for OSX, great tool for Windows,@Michel set ip to static or connect via internet should fix green screen osx10.6, but writes some funky files to your hard drive this is no more possible with mountain lion, MOBIOLA is too slow on higher res, AirBeam IPcamPro maid be the right apps, not tested yet @Lanz why do you need syphone for input?

    I use QC video tools from kineme and IsadoraCore. for IP cam input. 

    best bts

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  • I used iWebcam from drahtwerk/made with relative success. It's not amazing but it's effective. It does create a slightly odd issue with the video input settings in issy, you have to start capture, stop it again, then start it again to be able to change any settings. Drove me nuts for a while until a helpful forum member (I forget who now) pointed this out.

    It's iOS only but will stream to both macs and PCs.
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    @Lanz thanx for the airbeam nice! osx 10.8.4
    all the best,

  • Airbeam pro worked ok for me but we had issues with it locking up or stuttering if the camera moved to quick. We also wanted to send vision from other apps so went with mirroring an ipad to Apple TV then captured the hdmi out of appleTV the apps looked great but we had to make sure camera was not active when generally carrying it around as it also seemed to struggle with the throughput and result in the appleTV or iPad hanging for several seconds.( we were obviously not projecting this random vision but it would be bad to click back to ipad vision if it was still suck trying to sort it's self out). I would be interested to hear if anyone else had images with their set ups just test shaking the camera or moving your hand fast very close to the camera and seeing if this causes an issue.

  • IPcamera + SyphoneNetCamera, reasonable results with iPad and iPhone, for free, :) not to forget about Orientator from Boinx, camera input over hdmi cable or Airplay, sensor data over wifi, have to try it out!! Mac OSX 10.8 IsadoraCore 1.3…

  • From the Boinx Orientator website:

    "One More Thing": Since BoinxTV Layers are simply Quartz Compositions, the receiver of the LibOrientator system has been designed as a Quartz Composer Plugin. If you are working with Quartz Composer, you can use this to create your own application using the sensor data of an iPhone or iPad. Contact us if you are interested.

  • I have been using Pocket Cam Pro on my iphone into Isadora. Im not sure how it stacks up against the others in terms of quality, resolution, price, etc but I do know that it works and Isadora sees it as a camera input so you dont need to use syphon or any extra systems to input it. I think it is like $5 from the Apple App store.

  • Dear Josharoo4,

    Does it work with 10.7 or 10.8? That's the problem with Epccoam -- it doesn't work with anything past 10.6
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  • I had Epoccam working with Isadora the other day in OSX 10.7.5.

  • It worked for me on 10.8....