Isadora Cues with Leap Motion

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    I am mounting a production of Dr. Faustus in the fall and we want to use, Isadora with leap Motion for some of the magicial moments in the play. Has anyone fooled with Leap Motion and Izzy yet? I have found some Max/MSP aka externals that work and track fingers but i am hoping to use it directly iinto isadora. We will be using SuperCollider for Real-time Audio, Z-vector and Isadora for visuals and leap motion for interactive props, so far. 
    As always any tips before i start cracking are always welcomed!

  • Can it send the data via OSC? Or????

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  • i don't think it outputs OSC natively at the moment (i'm waiting for mine to turn up in the next couple of weeks) but there's people making middleware to translate Leap's data into OSC - for example:

    [](  - i think this is built in C++ and i'm sure there's more out there.
    I'm expecting the Leap App Store thing to have at least one OSC outputter.

  • got my LEAP this morning, but too busy working on a show that opens next week to try it out.

    i don't think there's an OSC outputter in the Airspace store at the moment, but there's a few MIDI apps. maybe you could set up the LEAP as a MIDI controller with something like this:

  • i've managed to get the LEAP talking to Isadora via airmidi, but its not saying anything relevant. at the moment i can only get MIDI out on one channel, changing values assigned to controller 16, but not currently able to separate out gestures into different controllers. there's potential though....

  • i am hopeful and will look at airmidi when i get home to my machine. My performance Isadora machine is windows so i may try a few other things. I may resort to a wii controller if leap is not ready for prime time yet. What is the status of wii controller and izzy?

  • wiimote into izzy via OSCulator is easy and powerful on OSX, but i'm afraid i don't know about Windows.

  • you can use LeapToOsc and max Msp.....and then send the values in works great

  • Geco works much better than Airmidi - its a little more expensive, but great to use, and works on Windows.

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    I have just found Geco. For those looking into it here is a link:


  • its awesome, i'm trying to find time to build a Geco watcher in izzy. (new baby is taking up most of my time at the moment) when i build it i will share it here.

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    Looking forward to it. Just been looking at them on eBay. If I can snap one up for cheap then I will get it :)

  • they're £77 direct from the manufacturers, some Ebayers are selling them for over £100. its a strange world. good luck with bidding...

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    One on gumtree for £50 too.

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    Dear dbini,

    sorry I don't get one thing you say. "I'm trying to find time to build a Geco watcher in Izzy. But doesn't Geco send midi out? If so (I'm still waiting for my leapmotion, so I might be saying something stupid here) why do we need a geco watcher in izzy? We could simply have direct midi. Isn't it?

  • Armando - indeed, you are right: Geco sends midi data out according to a set of gestures (eg: horizontal movement of left hand closed fingers will send 0-100 on one channel, vertical movement of right hand splayed fingers might send 0-100 on a different channel - they're all assignable)

    i'm planning to build a patch that has various midi watchers laid out in a similar format to the Geco UI: so that if i label my midi channels sequentially in Geco, the Izzy patch will have all channels labelled with the associated gesture. just to make life easier.
    or you could just have one midi watcher and work out what it does by using it.
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    Ahhh Thanks a lot. I was afraid it wasn't a normal midi soft. Great. i'll buy it. Iwould have preferred OSC though. Like that. I'll test as soon as I get my leapmotion

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    Managed to get one. Good old eBay got me a week old one for £40... will be exploring this over the next few weeks! Hopefully I can share some stuff back. Cheers.

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    Good catch Grahm. Just found leaptosc app and the brand new oscmotion. They both work well But some things are missing (maybe we can convince the developers to implement it. I need (and no one has it in the leap osc apps) hand orientation.....

  • i"m interested to learn about the range of the leap motion controller, how far from the sensor can the hand gestures be?