Isadora Cues with Leap Motion

  • you can use LeapToOsc and max Msp.....and then send the values in works great

  • Geco works much better than Airmidi - its a little more expensive, but great to use, and works on Windows.

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    I have just found Geco. For those looking into it here is a link:


  • its awesome, i'm trying to find time to build a Geco watcher in izzy. (new baby is taking up most of my time at the moment) when i build it i will share it here.

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    Looking forward to it. Just been looking at them on eBay. If I can snap one up for cheap then I will get it :)

  • they're £77 direct from the manufacturers, some Ebayers are selling them for over £100. its a strange world. good luck with bidding...

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    One on gumtree for £50 too.

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    Dear dbini,

    sorry I don't get one thing you say. "I'm trying to find time to build a Geco watcher in Izzy. But doesn't Geco send midi out? If so (I'm still waiting for my leapmotion, so I might be saying something stupid here) why do we need a geco watcher in izzy? We could simply have direct midi. Isn't it?

  • Armando - indeed, you are right: Geco sends midi data out according to a set of gestures (eg: horizontal movement of left hand closed fingers will send 0-100 on one channel, vertical movement of right hand splayed fingers might send 0-100 on a different channel - they're all assignable)

    i'm planning to build a patch that has various midi watchers laid out in a similar format to the Geco UI: so that if i label my midi channels sequentially in Geco, the Izzy patch will have all channels labelled with the associated gesture. just to make life easier.
    or you could just have one midi watcher and work out what it does by using it.

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    Ahhh Thanks a lot. I was afraid it wasn't a normal midi soft. Great. i'll buy it. Iwould have preferred OSC though. Like that. I'll test as soon as I get my leapmotion


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    Managed to get one. Good old eBay got me a week old one for £40... will be exploring this over the next few weeks! Hopefully I can share some stuff back. Cheers.

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    Good catch Grahm. Just found leaptosc app and the brand new oscmotion. They both work well But some things are missing (maybe we can convince the developers to implement it. I need (and no one has it in the leap osc apps) hand orientation.....

  • i"m interested to learn about the range of the leap motion controller, how far from the sensor can the hand gestures be?

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    From what I can see @particlep it creates a dome like shape above the device which can extend up to 22cm high.

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    OSCmotion is brilliant (Thanks @Armando!) It's really easy to use and Isdaora picked it up right away.

  • Hi!

    also for me is very good OSCmotion! :)
    I'm experimenting and it seems very useful to me

  • @Skulpture  thank you for the info. i'm certainly interested in this little device. i wait to hear more.

  • Hello !

    I managed to make my leap working with LeapToOsc. What are the benefits of OSCmotion over LeapToOsc ?

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    Well I didn't compare thoroughly but

    In theory Leaptoosc seem to recognize each hand individually  (each hand has one integer and three floats)
    fingers are labelled 0 to 4 with each fingers having 2 integers (don't understand why) and 3 floats. This appears in But in fact the probles of recognize.
    In reality this is not true hand is not recognized by shape, First hand that enters is hand 0 and second is hand 1 (despite being right or left.
    OSCMOTION doesn' even recognize hand just 10 fingers (30 parameters total)
    For the moment although I love osc much more than midi.... I'll stick to GECO that has hand orientation (yaw pitch roll and this with open fingers AND close fingers as diferent types of hand orientation). This also great because Isadora has a specific yaw pitch roll actor that works like a charm...... The best thing is that Geco goes OSC....

  • I was curious about leap but some developer friends had a few and I decided against it (poor condition requirements and limited performance). I just checked out the SDK a little more and it gives quite a bit of information, including precise rotations of each hand. Sending all this via OSC is very simple. If someone is really keen I can make this but you have to lend me a leap in Amsterdam so I can test it.