Isadora Cues with Leap Motion

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    Thanks gbevin. I'm looking in the airspace, but I didn't find the new version of geco yet. Do you know why?

    Anyway I think that discrete hand recognition is possible due to the geometry of hands (thumbs in afferent angle than other fingers).
    Can't wait to see it.

  • @armando Leap Moton is overbooked with app submissions, they're looking at my GECO submission as we speak and hope to have it done in a few hours.

  • @armando the update is live now :-)

  • hi Geert @gbevin - the new version of GECO is great. I like the boundary controls.

    One feature I would like to see is the possibility of swapping the X axis from 2 separate fields into one field with zero at one end and 100% at the other. 
    Currently, we have zero in the middle of the axis, with the left hand generating higher numbers the further left it travels, and the right hand generating higher numbers the further right it travels.
    It might be useful to have the option to make the left end of the field zero and the right end 100% - or to swap them around - this would make it easier to recognise swipe gestures that are applicable to either hand. i'm thinking of something like a museum exhibition (@Skulpture) where users can swipe through information by waving either hand over the LEAP.
    Its not really an issue with the Y and Z axes, they each function as one field, so its easier to set up a calculation to work out which direction a hand is travelling, but i've had trouble doing this with the X axis.
    all the best,

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    Thanks gbevin. I'm looking into it as we speak. Detailed report soon.

  • I've added Isadora channel support to my Leap OSC controller, ManosOSC--just change the format type in the settings:

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    I had a run with it for couple of hours. I like the ease of getting it going. Great app!

  • has anyone used geco's o-s-c output with isadora ?

    i've left a post on the geco forum about not seeing any o-s-c output other than 5 stream id's when enabling o-s-c output. 
    i'm using local host and the isadora port number in the geco document settings panel.
    i'm in a place where i'm not sure if it's my bad driving or something wrong under the hood with geco.

  • i'm happy to report that the fault was with the operator.

    in the gesture config window the output channel holds the 1-16 for midi and then o-s-c and then cpl. this is also covered in geco's user manual.
    my investigations had simply missed these two bits of info.
    everything is fine and dandy.

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    recent and today's update in leap motion drivers leads us to some thinking in order to help Gego and other middleware to get data into Isadora (although an izzy actor in c would be the ideal thing because software like geco is using 27 % of an intel 2.7 ghz i7 with 16gb of ram under Maverick.)
    Now. Geek osc version is just great we can write our own tags!
    But the new version of leap motion driver is really stunning for a few reasons.
    1) Leapmotion visualizer seems to overcome somehow crossing hands. If you switch hands horizontally your right hand is now left of screen but it is the right hand. And same for the left of course.
    2) Turning a hand bottom up doesn't mixes fingers!!!! If you out right hand hand palm up now the thumb is in the right place.
    3) And even better, It seems to be able to recognize what hand is in the field even if the hand is bottom up!!!!! Wow! Hands right thumb is still right thumb on screen even if right hand enters on the left end of the sensor's field of vision with palm up!!!!!!! I can see this because if I do this geco's right hand valus start to trigger.
    Geco has a clever way to to this called dexterity detection. And it is good it stays that way for precision. But now everything seems right just out of leap driver.
    In my opinion this means that leap people ttought the driver to recognize hands geometry in order to detect which it is and if it is bottom up or normal palm down.
    As for geco I would suggest an option that ignores if fingers are open or closed. It would be just a “palm orientation” feature because otherwise you always have to be with spread fingers and cannotrelax or the contrary. Now, this can be avoided in geco addressing open and closed fingers to the same osc tags or midi channel and controller and then “linking the 2 modes (spread and closed) with the linking chain in geco. But it is quite a bit of work…
    Now I’m dreaming…. And if geco could also receive midi or osc and have different preset in a same document. We could hand or sensor trigger diferent presets for different moments or funcions of the installation….. Maybe version 2?