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  • During one of the free, introductory workshop on interactivity in Berlin -- which 40 or so of you attended last June -- I said to everyone: "we should do this once a month, no?" and the responsive from everyone was very positive. Now that I'm back in Berlin for a period of time, I want to pursue this idea.
    What I have in mind is that we will meet once per month. I would rent a space for approximately 6 hours. (The exact duration is something we can discuss.) I would bring the three video projectors I own, along with any other useful technical gear.
    The evening would start with a 45-60 minute presentation by me on some Isadora specific topic. Then, we would split off to spend time working on our projects -- individually or in groups.
    This latter portion of the night would be quite open. There is no agenda, except to set up our gear, try out some ideas, and experiment in a shared environment.
    My role  would be to support everyone by sharing my expertise and by assisting people as they attempt to implement their ideas in Isadora.
    That's the basic idea as it stands. But I am starting this topic to allow those who might attend to help formulate and shape these get togethers.
    I am proposing that the first meeting takes place during the week of October 21st. This is also open for discussion.
    So please let me know what you think.
    Best Wishes,

  • Great idea! Count me in on the 21st.


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    Best Wishes,
  • Beta Platinum

    Love the idea. I would come from vienna, so let me know for sure if this is going to happen.

  • Dear All,

    Please note the following: I said the week of the 21st, i.e., sometime between Oct 21 and Oct 26\. I was sort of hoping people might have a feeling about which day of the week would be best. I was thinking Wednesday might be good, but if you have thoughts on this, let me know.
    Best Wishes,
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    Tuesday and Wednesday is not got for me. Thursday, Friday and Saturday is much better.

    All the best,

  • That's what I was wondering about... on one hand, a Friday/Saturday night means -- potentially -- we could extend into the early hours if things were cooking along. But in Berlin, well, that's party night too. ;-)

    Best Wishes,
  • Tech Staff

    I fly into Vienna on the 21st, and will be in Bratislava for the following 3 weeks.
    Later in the week is better for me.

  • Fridays ( even the name of the day suggest itself: day of freedom  ) is always fine with me : kids don't go to school on saturdays ... 

    Looking forward to meet you guys !
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    so lets combine nerd isadora stuff and party ;-)

  • I am out of Berlin (on tour) second half of October also.

    But I wanted to write this post, because I have a feeling, that these monthly meetings will be great,
    and I am looking forward to November's date.

  • as said already I wanna join for sure, leaving for a residency on 23th, if it happens on 21st or 22nd I´m in!

  • sounds great. do it! unfortunately for me I am thousands of miles & dollars away :(

  • I would be in any day thursday, friday or saturday. Great idea.

  • Monday is the best day for me, Tuesday and Thursday arent that good. But I am defenetly interested. Please inform me. Thanks.

  • Nice idea!!

    For me Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are perfect!

  • Friday it's ok for me too, but I will join anyway. And it is probably better to meet once and then make the fine tuning!

  • Great Idea!
    I ll be happy to come for the November session.

  • ...once a  month would be great! in the week of the 21.10. -only the 21. would work for me and maybe Saturday or Sunday...

  • That's a great idea, I'm definitely in!

    Unfortunately I'll be in Berlin from 25th, so, 26th would be perfect. But I'll be there from the next meetings! :)
    Looking forward!