@bennnid said: in the mapping section when you move a point by clicking then using arrows to adjust it, adding shift doesn't give more precise control but less This is by design.First, I would expect for a mapping situation, you would set the resolution of IzzyMap to match the Stage to which it is being rendered, and also that the Stage size would match the resolution of the projector. (E.g., IzzyMap resolution set to 1920x1080, Stage resolution set to 1920x1080, Projector is 1920x1080.)In this situation, I would argue that there isn't any benefit to moving an IzzyMap point by less than one pixel, given that the projector itself would not show it. Instead, my thinking about this was that you want one-pixel accuracy when moving a point with the arrow keys, and a larger movement when holding the shift key, to allow you to more quickly get the point "in the ballpark" of its desire destination.I can see the argument that this is an inconsistency in the user interface, but since one item is a numeric value, and the other is a graphic element (a point), I feel that they can be handled differently.In addition, the shift key has the same result when moving actors in the Scene Editor and Controls in the Control Panel: the shift modifier moves the object a larger amount. In this way, the different handling of the shift key depending on whether or not it is a numeric value or a graphic object is actually consistent.I'm open to hear your thoughts about what I've said above.Best Wishes,Mark