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Hi All just a very simple question. I loop movies a lot and sometimes there is a sudden jump between the end and start. Is there a way to introduce a crossfade so the end and start flow into each other less obtrusively?

This is a known limitation of the Movie Player on both MacOS and Windows. Mainly, the looping provided by the operating system (AVFoundation on macOS and Windows Media Foundation on Windows) always has this little pause at the loop point.

We are working on a solution for this for a future release (Windows is almost done; still have to deal with macOS). The main thing is to get away from MP4/H264 if that's the codec for your movie, because that's probably going to be the worst in terms of the glitch.

There are two possible solutions.

1) If you're on macOS, I would suggest JPEG (using the old QuickTime Player 7 if you can still run it) because that's probably the fastest. Otherwise, Apple Pro Res or HAP. On Windows, the best solution would be HAP.

2) Loop the movies yourself in an editing program and use those instead. If you want absolutely seamless loops, that's the only solution for now.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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