Thanks for sharing this patch, this was very interesting to see. And such a nice patch. Also of course, the calculated mouse direction is a really cool feature!

As I was already patching further, I continued with the rectangles hit test as in my first post, which, as you mentioned is basically the same approach.

I made one User Actor for a shapeable button with text:

And another one where you can place your own images as Normal, MouseOver, and MouseDown states:

Both of them are not solid yet. I planned to publish them as User Actors, but they still will need some optimization. The shapeable one has a problem when the stage was not set to "Match Output", and you are use another display aspect ratio then in the original patch.

The second one, using pictures as assets does currently only work with pictures larger in width than in height.

At the same time the patch is still a bit chaotic and not well documented.  

But as I do not find time to develop further on this at the moment, I wanted to share the current state by now. It includes the current state as User Actors as well as an IZZ file with three scenes (Button shapeable, Button with images, Hit Test).


Thoughts, feedback and further development upon welcome.