I would like to reformulate here a request than I made some time ago in an other thread: I am looking for other types of blurs than - or an enhanced version of - the standard Isadora's Motion blur.

Indeed, the current Motion blur, on some textures, makes 'spots', that is 'colour banding':

In Isadora 2.6, I was able to achieve something more satisfying with Trails, which unfortunately cannot work in Isadora 3.

It is possible to avoid such color banding in Max/Jitter just by forcing textures from 'char' to 'float32'. 

I presume it would be possible to adapt Isadora's Motion Blur code to do something similar in GLSL, is not it?

Let me precise that we have been several looking for all types of GPU blurs regularly and for a long time (actually years now) on places like ShaderToys and others, but could not find anything satisfying in terms of quality so far.

Best wishes to all in these difficult times!