Hey I'm having trouble with the cue list editor/cuesheet. its behaving strangley and I'm thinking it has to do with the machine I'm on becuase it worked fine on a similar mac pro just last week. 

Sometimes the Advanced Cue Sheet go only keeps triggering the first cue in a scene instead of jumping to the next one down on the list, it's as if it got stuck on it. Also seemingly at random, when I make any changes to the cue in the cue list editor (eg. the description) it often doesnt save them. Meaning when I make a change and click on a different cue or go to a different izzi scene and then go back it's like it never happened. I have to make the change, click on description click on the next cue and go back to check if it stuck sometimes making the change about 4 times before it's saved...

its Izi 3.2.4 running on a mac pro high sierra 10.13.6

thanks in advance.