While challenging myself to work with dynamic data sources, like XML and JSON in Isadora, I managed to gain enough understanding of interpreting simple data structures. Doing that helped to implement solutions using the Isadora Javascript module. In celebration of finally being able to compile successful scripts I made this Javascript library specifically for working with text input. Perhaps there are other Isadora users who will find it useful to access, or cut and paste into their own projects. Working with these modules is not going to be bullet proof so any issues let me know.

The Javascript example patch has five scenes. There are a lot of creative uses for these modules beyond just data sources, but each scene in the patch deals with a number of methods and provides examples for typical text based task that I have found useful when working with text based data sources e.g. XML, HTTP, JSON.

Scene 1: Searching or matching text

Scene 2: Searching or matching multiple text simultaneously

Scene 3: Joining text

Scene 4: Splitting text

Scene 5: Replacing text